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Shots for Goal.

Football Hooliganism.


Football Hooliganism. (By FAIRPLAY "). A most disgraceful scene occurred at Clydach Vale last Saturday after a foot- ball match between Treherbert Ex- Schoolboys and Cambrian Lads. The players were leaving the field after the match, when, shame to state for no other possible reason than. that they sup- ported the side which had lost, the Cam- brian crowd openly attacked the Treher- bert players. Some of the young lads were struck upon the face, others thrown to the ground and kicked in the back and ribs; whilst as they escaped down the hillside as best they could to the dossing room, they were pelted with stones. They eventually reached the headquarters, breathless and utterly exhausted. One Treherbert forward had been so badly abused that he collapsed upon the floor and burst into tears. Even at the hotel they were not secure from assault. A policeman was summoned to protect some of the players. Taking but little time to change their clothes, the Ex-Schoolboys players cleared out of the dressing room as quickly as possible. Many were un- washed, but were kindly permitted to perform their ablutions in certain private houses on the way to Tonypandy T.Y.R. Station. A team cannot always expect to win, but because Cambrian happened to be defeated on Saturday, the Clydach Vale snorts (???) evidently thought that they were justified in revenging upon the un- offending winning team. Our national winter sport is disgraced by such malicious behaviour, but, at any rate, other teams will now know what to expect if they win at Clydach Vale.




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