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Another Girl Took Her Hat.!


Another Girl Took Her Hat. HOW RINGWORM IS SPREAD AT RHONDDA. ASTONISHED NEIGHBOURS NOW KEEP ZAM-BUK HANDY. The istory of Mrs. McKendley, of 42, Penrhys Street, Ystrad, RhoncFda Valley, illustrates both the danger children run of skin infection by disease germs and the great value of Zam-Buk in over- coming the most painful and obstinate skin-complaint. "Annie lost her hat at school," said Mrs. McKendley to the Merthyr Express." "When she found it a few days later she put it on without having the inside cleaned. Soon the child began to complain of irritation, and I found an inflamed patch at the back of her head. A few days later. I was alarmed to find that this had developed into a big ringworm, very red and sore round the edge. Annie's hair got dry and brittle, and I had to cut it nearly all away. Poulticing the scalp, which the doctor ordered, did no good. The ringworm spread until the poor girl's head was almost covered with the raw sores, and she looked an awful sight. It was quite impossible for her to go to school. Besides the poultices, I used ordinary ointments and lotions. But the ringworm kept on growing. In my trouble I wrote to some relations at Bristol, who replied telling me to use Zam-Buk, which they said was the finest thing for ringworm. I immediately got Zam-Buk and dressed Annie's head with the balm. The child was soon soothed and was eager for more Zam-Buk. "I saw that Zam-Buk was doing real good by working through the crust of sores on Annie's head, so I continued with the balm. The matter was dried up and the nasty scabs gradually fell away until all trace of the disfiguring disease was banished. Annie's inflamed scalp was re- placed by splendid new skin and the child's hair grew again, thick and healthy. Annie returned to school quite cured by Zam-Buk, and with as healthy a head as any of her schoolmates. My next-door neighbours on both sides, seeing the remarkable cure Zam- Buk worked for Annie, tried the balm for their children's sores and found it really splendid A nasty outbreak of sores on one child's head was quickly cleared away by Zam-Buk, which also soothed and healed another child's badly scalded foot. None of us round here are ever without Zam-Buk in our homes now." Zam-Buk, the greatest known skin remedv and healer, is obtainable of all chemists at 1/1, 2/9 or 4/6 per box. (The 2/9 size contains nearly 4 times as much as the lilt).

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