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Miners Solid for the Budget. Overwhelming Majorities in Glamorgan. rto wnvtri' tye said of the Northern havfi ,i Avl"th few exceptions they <5=Gli e\ceedmgly well—the miners of +liA T4?JU ,iave declared their approval phatio ml* + r>).'0i>osa's and their* em- phatic protest against the Lords meddling RWlSoanC6j ln no uncertain terms S S Pronounced,- i$s verdict on Fri- 8 <¥; f ihe tt^gnifieent majority of GlamoSl Budget candidate; East a3;n followed suit on Monday with Mr! iSS'SSLS ?S^^St A i majority of 9,793. These -hkpn m conjunction with 1,! 1 taken rities at Merthvr Tvrffi? ha11K^ome maJ°" not fiil +^. o+ -7 vdnl and Gower, c-a-n- The Fi^.iniC6 the Pagination. in Glamor™ an<* against the Budget uiamoigan are as follow.-— For the Rhondda. Budget. Against. Olarn fHIrt > 12,436 3,471 Cardiff 13,175 3,382 Swa»IL ,T V 13,207 11,652 5lLm S Lab,) 7>m ••• 4'379 'Glam'lv SP •• 11»812 7>411 SSJ'fS 14'721 5>727 M.J!VjGower) 9,312 2,532 "lerthyr (Combined Pro- gresflive Vote) 32.928 4,704 Total. 114,862 43,258 Majority for the Budget.71,604 J The Rhondda Tramway officials, and also Mr. Teasdale, of the Pontypridd wUncil, rendered the deputy returning officer great assistance in the delivery of the ballot boxes to the various polling !iir0ns' and also taking them from the Polling stations to the Council Offices, Pelitre, where the counting of the votes took place. Mr. Spickett desires to tender his thanks to them, and wishes us to state that their services were greatly appreciated by him. Special cars were placed at Mr. Spiokett's disposal on both journeys.

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