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For ARTIFICIAL TEETH j. DiVIES-EYAHS, 3, High St., Tiweiiy Attendance Daily—Hours: 1Q a.m. to 8 p.m. V » Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Welsh and English Spoken. 4645 —— — -^X r aal^BiaaBgraBBBaBnBnmra)' Eucapine! A New and Effectual Remedy FOR COLDS IN THE HEAD NASAL CATARRH, 'Hay Fever, n uenza BY INHALATION. On the first sympton inhale EUCAPINE and ward off any bad Colds or Influenza that may attack vou. Keek EUCAPTNK in your pocket. HAVE IT HANDY. 10id. per bottle, only from W. OSWAL DAVIES, Dispensing Chemist and Pharmaceutist 15, The Arcade, Pontypridd. 4969 COAL! COAL! Best Steam Coal delivered to any address Ri per ton. Half Ton, 10/6. Charles Roderick, 5, Victoria Stieet, TREALAW. (iOAL YARD—Behind Hopkin Morgan's Bake- house, Trealaw. 4665 FERNDALE GENERAL B OSPITAL AND EYE JNFIRM ART Patients admitted free on recommendation of the Governors. 2094 Son. See -HENRY DAVIES Support Local Industry AND WEAR Farmer's Home-made Working Boots, 0/77 and 10/11 (UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL.) The Best for Water he ever had. Dear Sir, Dolgelly, N. Wales. Will you please send here fey return Post one pair of your level boots. I have had your boots for home years now as yours are the best for water I have had yet. Yours truly,—R. W. J. W. H. Farmer, De Winton St., Tonypandy. ESTABLISHED 1871. gMMi Claude P.Oliver | | Builder & Contractor, ^-1 9, Oliver Terrace, TREFOREST. Enquiries Solicited and Estimate given. First-class Properties for Sale at Lowest Prices. CHINA and EARTHENWARE For Shopkeepers and Hawkers. The Best and Cheapest House in the Trade is W. Webb, Pottery Show Rooms, HAVELOCK ST. (off Westgate St.), CARDIFF. Beware of Imitators who copy our prices and pack you seconds unsaleable rubbish 4892 For ILLUMINATED PRESENTATION ADDRESSES From ;£2 2& to 920, apply to Evans & Short, Printers "Leader" Works, Tonypandy. 49 r i Everything for ( MEN'S WEAR Up-to-date. m METFORO BROS. Mm High-Class Tailors, wfl| Gent's Mercers, and Practical Hatters, Wellington House, punvaven Street TONYPANDY. Sf Gentlemen's Ties, Collars, Shirts, Hosiery, Felt Hats, Caps, and Gloves. The largest assortment in Tonypandy suitable for Xmas Presents. Taff JErated Water Co. CLAFIKNCB STOBI8, PONTYPEIDD. BREWERS OF STONE GINGER BEER, HOP BITTERS, &c., &c. MANUFACTURERS OF CORDIALS WHOLESALE PRICES ONLY. W. BANFIELD. HOWELL WILLIAMS & SON, Undertakers & Funeral Furnishers. Funerals completely famished in the best style, and a reasonable charges. Proprietors of Shelibiers, Open Closed and Glass-sided Hearses, Mourning and Wedding Coaches, Brakes etc. Every requisite for Funerals kept on the premises. I William Street, Yatrad Rhondda P.O. Telaphos? 69. 293 WILLIAMS' (PONTARDAWE) WORM LOZENGES. For over Fifty Years this highly valuable Remedy hag I met with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak, Delicate Children (oftsn given up as incurable), is like Magic. Getting rid of his tormenting pasts by taking these lozenges, the thin, pale-faced, inanimate Child be comes strong, healthy, and lively, the pride, instead o the anxiety of his guardiar s. *r Sir,—I have for some time used your Anthelmintic or Worm Lozenges in my family, and find them a very speedy and efficacious cure for ascearides, and their agreeable and convenient form is agreat recommendation for children.—W. HUTCHIXSON, View of Howdon." Sold at 9Jd, IBid, and 2a 9d per box, by local Chemists or for 14 or 34 stamps from J. Davies, Chemist, 30, High St est, Swansea. A list of testimonials, symptoms, &c en Application 4201 Important Notice To Shopkeepers and. Others. -+- J. E. Comley & Sons. "I to the 23, Moira Terrace ("loiisfferm' ary CARDIFF, Is-the best house for Toys, Glass, China, Vases, Earthenware, Haberdashery, Stationery, Hardware, Holloware, etc Largest Importers of Fancy Goods in South Wales and West of England. Show Rooms open daily. Business Hours, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nat. Tel. 01193. Wholesale Only Established 1880. 4868 A GREAT WEIGHT ■ Will be lifted from the minds of fgggS those requiring jjlBB £ s. d. K Which will be lent to any amount at BBjjgl LOW INTER ESI' On Hng Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watches, Mjral Rings, Chains and Jewellery. SBHS Best Fire-proof and Burglar-resisting UjSMi Safes for storage of valuables rags O. FALLER ■ Jeweller, Clothier and Pawnbroker, HB 34, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD » HG 40, Hannah Street, PORTH> H| Eata 1889. H DEAKIN43 ■WONDERFUL FEVERB JAND INFLAMMATIONS REMEDIES & PILLS) will immediately arrest the course of 9 M the disease and preyent dangerous 9 9 complications* Their antiseptic heal- 9 9 ing and life-giving properties, have 9 9 proved for many years a boon and B 9 blessing to thousands of sufferers. 9 9 REMEMBER 1 DEAKIN'S Pain and 9 9 Disease Killers go to the source of disease 9 9 -inflamed tissue-and cure it. 9 Prices l.U and 2,3, of all Chemists and Stores. 9 H 1,3 or 2,6 from the sole proprietors and inventors jB H G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. I B THE INFLAMMATION REMEDIES CO.. t BLAENAVONJ MON. R. FREEDMAN & SO Pawnbrokers & General Dealers, DUNRAVEN ST., TONYPANDY. If about to present yourself or friends with anything in the form of Jewellery, etc. Give a call at the Old Firm jFREEDMANS TONYPANDY, Where you can make your choice from the most substantial stock of Good Class Gold ana Silver Jewellery, to be seen in the Rhondda, CW Quality and Value Unequalled elsewhere No imitation Rolled, Filled or so-called Gold kept in stock. 5096


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Musicai Success.

South Glamorgan Contest.

Ethofiad Mabon lonawr 21ain.…


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A Nurse Praises Zgmbuk.

! Well-behaved Rhondda.