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Amusements. Empire, Tonypandy. The Empire is keeping up its repu- tation for good programmes, and this week's show is as fine a combination as Has appeared yet upon the boards. Naturally the lion's share this week is occupied by Tom Thomas, Penygraig, who made history the other day at the National Sporting Club by defeating Charlie Wilson in two rounds, and secur- ing the greater portion of £ 800 in less than seven minutes. Tom is a popular hero these days, and his appearance on the Empire stage is greeted nightly with round after round of warm-hearted ap- plause. Exhibitions of boxing are given by Thomas and his party each evening, and on Thursday afternoon a competition for young lads took place for a silver cup, the finals of which will be decided on Saturday. Lord Lonsdale's gold belt is also shown nightly, and is generally ad- mired. Jan Rudenyi, the eminent violinist, appears nightly in a dramatic episode, entitled The Power of Music." The scene is laid in a London Hotel, whither Renard Caron a (Mr. Drew Mackentosh) repairs after a brilliant per- formance at the Queen's Hall. Here he meets with his fiancee, Eileen Granville (Miss Hilda Stewart). who relates to her lorer the story of a dream, in which she saw a weird figure, who played the violin to such good effect that her heart went out to him. Disani (Rudenyi), a poor gipsy violinist, thereupon enters the room and plays some of his beautiful selections, with the result that Eileen renounces her lover for the miserable street musician. Infuriated at her con- duct, Caron a breaks Disani's violin in twain across his knee, and Disani, stunned and broken-hearted, crawls out of the room. A pistol shot proclaims the fact that he has put an end to his existence. Rudenyi plays his part with dramatic force, and his masterly performance on the violin calls forth loud applause. The Cromwells (lady and page) contribute an excellent juggling act, whilst Geo. F. Hall is a born story-teller. Fritz Von Liston is exceedingly good as siffieur and mimic, and other good turns arg. those by Leah Arden (vocalist), Six White Boys (vocalists and dancers), and the Witting- ton Trio The Empiroscope projects the Thomas-Wilson fight.

Palace Porth.

Tivoli. Pentre

Theatre Royal, Tonypandy.

Opera House, Treherbert.


Hippodrome, Tonypandy.

Cardiff Empire.

Olympia, Pentre.

New Workmen's Hall, Fenndale.


Opera House, Treherbert.