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Olympia, Pentre.


Olympia, Pentre. c< A Pageant on Wheels "cuch is the description given to the grand fancy dress carnival which is to be held on New Year's Eve at the Olympia Skating Rink, Pentre. And we believe this description will in no way be misannlied, for there will be skaters dressed in historical cos- tumes, comical costumes, and many other costumes too numerous to mention. Skating commences at 8, and the grand parade will take place at 9 o'clock, and for this unique occasion the orchestra will be considerably augmented. It is certainly a novel idea to skate the old year out and the new one in.

New Workmen's Hall, Fenncfale.



Empire, Tonypandy.

Palace Porth.

Tivoli. Pentre

Theatre Royal, Tonypandy,


Cpera House, Tireherbert.t

Hippodrome, Tonypandy.

Cardiff Empire.