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FAMOUS "ACME." A V-'r"*1^ Mi IN fl DISPLAY of GENUINE BARGAINS in L } K f BTuC9F WATCHES, RINGS, JEWELLERY, PLATE, j if a IntQlp CUTLERY, Etc., is worth coming miles to see. jjj £ f Everything seasonable, up-to-date, bright gjj( if riQ^nilNT and fresh from the factory at H I yis^yy 111 SIMPLY ASTOUNDING PRICES! 1 Is allowed on all pur- jl.1^ m ?g chases during REAL |A H I"» XMAS. =™h, «/«I I VERY POPULAR SEA- M 1f« wr FREE PRIZES i^eH>!xc^ hairLaf ft YOURS I for all buyers. HANDSOME REAL SILVER,BACKED HAIR ft BRUSH, beautiful embossed Most m 216 to 25 Ss. .rCPtabJe Xmas VELPIOUA3 New YOUR RAIL Designs. F RE PAID I ELECTRO-PLATED TEAPOTS, 516. Worth double. SOLID GOLD CURB ALBERTS, YOUR E,,ery RAIL FARE Value for 401- PAIDS LADIES' LON 21 0 GOLD GUARlis- Full fashionable length. Words1 CALL want presents I shall write AT NOW you for them." Magnificent 18-car t, 3-stone DIAMOND "GIPSY" ING. CALL Offered during Xmas Seas O-DAYI at 1716. Usually 25/- ■ fafa s-rl^s; Wji(^S^ XMAS WEDDINGS J! /fflfVL ^5x1 '^SMSI SPECIAL OFFER: •€ A /fi^/lSflO I /gg-Srgs SOLID GOLD WEDDING |U/Otw(fflfl' -Mi ■ 1)7! RING AMD KEEPER. I jjlffft 0—31113 1 6REATEST XMAS NOVELTIES DISPLAY EVER SEEN. Wko T AM 3' ALL PREVIOUS BARGAIN RECORDS BEATEN. J 1 sss:H SAMUEL ■ ■ ■ ^0 Fm I V I ■■ ■■ LADY'S CHARMINfl OXY- ■ DISED KEYLESS WATCH, ■ 7, St. Mary St.,|CARDIFF. with BOW BROOCH CI C| 9 Jt. a_»;aat»* ■ 11—1111. usually 9/6, complete W/W W unable to call, write for big fret catalogue to Head OfficeHH (701 H. SAMUEL, 10s Market Street. Manchester. V~ Til IIIWMMMIMIWI ITT I ill III

Tivoli. Pentre

Hippodrome, Tonypandy.j

Palace Porth.

Theatre Royal, Tonypandy.

Cardiff Em pi re

Opening of Olypmia, Pentre.

"The Church In Wales.



Empire, Tonypandy