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ITreorchy Canine Society-

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I Treorchy Canine Society- Fasi becoming Best in Wales. The Treorchy and District Canine Society, whose organisation is carried on on very effective lines, have scored an- other success. On Thursday week, in the spacious yard adjoining the Boar's Head Hotel, their fourth show was held under good conditions. The entries were numerous, and the quality throughout won the approbation of the judge, Mr. W. G. Phillips, Aberdare. It is interest- ing to note that, besides the usual prizes, each first prize winner" received a diploma of merit. The awards were — Class 1.—Any variety Spaniel: 1, D. J. Evans (sculptor), "Lily"; 2, J. Megick's Bess 3, D. Williams' (Peny- graig) Gipsy." Class 2.-Bull or Bull Terrier: 1, Thos. Hunt's (Porth) Lord Bobs 2 G. j Morris' (Pbrth) "Rhondda Queen"; 3, F. Thomas' Sally." Class 3.—Fox Terrier, rough or smooth: 1, Roger Davies' (Royal Oak Hotel) Eastertide 2, D. Rees' Cymro Jack"; 3, S. Davies' (Ystrad) Congo." Class 4.—Any variety Sporting: 1, D. Jones' (Llwynypia) Ranger 2, T. Jones' "Rhondda Hot Scotch 3, E. Rowlands' (Clydach Vale) Louis." Class 5.—Any Variety Non-Sporting: 1, J. Davies Rhondda Wonder" 2, D. T. Jones' Maindy Floss" 3, Sam Jenkins' (Treorchy) Taffside Bessie." Class 6.—Any other variety Terrier 1, J. Phillips' Orchi Experiment 2, J, Thomas' (Abergwynfi) Welsh Marvel 3, T. Hughes' "Lily Fly." Class 7.-Ai-iy variety Toy: 1, T. H. Weeks' "Lady Eva" 2, H. Walters' j "Treherbert Prince"; 3, A. Hughes' (Ton) "Jim. Class 8.—Any variety Puppy: S. Davies' (Ystrad) "Congo"; 2. D. Wil- ] liams' (Penygraig) "Sure Shot"; 3, D. T. James' (Toil) "Maindy Mac." Class 9.—Any other variety not men- tioned 1, D. Jones' (Llwynypia) "Ranger"; 2, J. Davies' (Porth) Rhondda Wonder 3, E. Thomas' (Treherbert) Nill." Class 10.—Any variety: 1, D. J. Evans' .sculptor, Treorchy) "Lily"; 2, E. Thomas' "Nell"; 3, R. D-avies, (Roya' Oak Hotel) Eastertide." After a show, a meeting was held, at which the judge, Mr. Phillips, made eulogistic remarks concerning the quality of the exhibits and the progress of the Society. Mr. Phillips said this Society was fast becoming the best in the Princi- pality in many respecte. Councillor Tom Jones responded on behalf of the Society, of which he is president. Messrs. Fred Thomas and T. H. Weeks acted as secretaries, and were assisted by a band of stewards.