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Palace, Porth.

Tivoli, Pentre


Tivoli, Pentre No one can complain of the excellent fare provided by the proprietors this week. One would have to travel far and wide to obtain such a satisfying perform- ance as that of Edward Crossland's Melody Makers, in a phantom scena, The Burglar's Dream." The plot is very simple; a burglar enters a pianoforte dealer's warehouse, but is too tired to proceed with his work and falls to sleep. He dreams of the surrounding pianofortes; being played by strange r phantoms- choruses being rendered to make him ¡ wild. There are four pianos, four excel- lent pianists and comedians, as well as a bass vocalist with an unusual quality of voice. The scenic effects are splendid, and the whole scena is heartily applauded by the audience. George French pays another visit to Pentre, and proves that he is still in the first rank as a composer and actor. His songs are new and original. His first song, upon Roller Skating," is an admirable mixture of parodies of various popular songs, sung excellently. Regan and Ryan are two very versatile comedians, splendid duettists. and pos- sessing new and smart repartee. Their exposition of various styles of wrestling is very clever and amusing. The Northern Troupe consists of three members of each sex, who entertain the audience with Scotch dancing. This item proves highly satisfactory, and the troupe is well rewarded bv applause. Munroe's Comedy Team include some very young performers, and is a pot-pourri of melody, mirth and music. By the way, the credit of intro- ducing the famous Harry Lauder to London belongs to Mr. Munroe. Burns and Berkley give an artistic display of dancing; whilst other good turns are those of Herbert Madden, a light come- dian of the George Lashwood type and Minnie Warner—the Rublen girl-a come- dienne and dancer. The Tivoliscope shows a new and interesting series of pictures.

Opera House, Treherbert.

Cardiff Empire.j

New Theatre, Cardiff.j

Hippodrome, Tonypandy.

Complimentary Concept at Cymmer.

Street Betting at Tonypandy…



r- Theatre Royal, Tonypandy,