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Vv -Sll Topics. hoO a e the We:sh 1" interesting and M ■ t.-e iiev. M. H, J cues, .0,i. ion, at Jerusalem Chapel last Saturday evening. It was good to see so many turn up, and judging by the attentive manner of the audience, one should say that the subject had an attrac- tion for a la,rge number of folks. The lecture was in English, at the request of the committee, though the audience was Welsh in appearance and tone. However, let us approach our subject. Who are the Welsb P is a question which has stirred many minds and has received an equal number of answers. Strange theories have been advanced, some being moi-e erlgen-iaus than true, and some more capricious than reasonable. Of these ingenious theories Mr. Jones men- tioned four or five; one that the Welsh are the oldest race on the face of the earth, and that Adam was a Welshman; another that the Jews were the oldest and that the Welsh came next; another that Bomer. the grandson of Noah, was the ancestor of the Welsh, and that on account of this fact the Welsh should be Gomeriaid," and their speech Omeraeg • and still another, the theory of the Middle Ages, derived from Geoffrey of Monmouth, that the Welsh are to be linked with Troy, and that they are the descendants of Brutus. All these are interesting to-dav, as showing what were the common beliefs held during the eleventh, twelfth, and down as far as the nineteenth centuries. Happily, these false creations of the mind are giving way to a more scientific explanation. History, to-day. is more of a science than an art, for it makes its bases on geolosrv, ethnology, and the great chronicles of the nations. The theory of evolution has also helped to disclose the true and possible history of our native land. It was upon such grounds as these that the lecture proceeded. It clearly showed that the two great elements in the Welsh mind to-day were Iberic and Celtic, and that the ethnological, linguistic, and mental characteristics -of our nation lay far back in prehistoric times. To the Iberian we owe that mysticism, that strange longing for a communion with the highest in nature and religion; to it we also owe that yearning called hiraeth our oldest place-names are Iberic and so are the syntactical con- struction of our tongue. To the Celt we are indebted for our restlessness, our zeal and our uncurbed imagination. A good feature of the lecture was the happy method of taking the illustrations from the relics which have been discovered on the Gelli Mountain. The lecture ought to be an incentive to the youth who were present. Best Welsh History Books A question was asked as to what are the best books which one should read in order to obtain a clear grasp of the trend of Welsh history. Mr. Jones directed attention to a few, and I have pleasure in submitting a list which is fairly com- prehensive and varied. It is necessary to bear one important fact before one's eyes when studying Welsh history. A com- plete history of Wales is as yet impossible, for two reasons first, the material is so scattered, and has not even been cata- logued second, much pioneer work remains to be done, and one may also add 8 tl-n"d reason—the amount of traditional jcb surrounds Welsh history. Here in the list of books,, then, which are easily obtained — 1. "Welsh People." By Sir John Rhvs and Sir D. Brynmor Jones. Published by Fisher IInwin. 2. Wales in the Story of the Nations." By O. M. Edwards. Fisher Unwin. 3. A Popular History of the Ancient Britons." By John Evans. Scott. Others at a cheaper nrice and forming splendid introductions are: — 4. Hanes Cymru." Rhan 1. a'r II. Gan 0. M. Edwards. Swycldfa Cymru," Caernarfon. (Period: Earliest Times to 1137). 5. "A Short History of Wales." By 0. M. Edwards. Published by Fisher Unwin. (General). 6. Outlines of the History of Wales." By Prof. J. E. Lloyd. Published by i Swvddfa" Cymru," Caernarfon. (Period: Earliest Times to 1282). 7, "Readings in Welsh History." By Ernest Rhys. Published by Longmans. (General). 8. Flame-bearers of Welsh History." by 0. Rhoscomyl. Educational Publish- ing Co., Cardiff. (Period: Earliest Times to 1485). 9. History of England and Wales." Bv Hvwel T. Evans. Educational Pub- lishing Co., Cardiff. (Period: Earliest Times to 1485). There are others which a student may with service, such as Woodwards, Warringtrns, Carnhuanawc, and that of Jane Williams, which is to be again pub- lished hv Davies Bros., Brecon.

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