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Her Doctor said, Take Peps


Her Doctor said, Take Peps HAD BRONCHIAL COUGH AND SORE CHEST. Peps have won high praise from the medical profession. It was on her doctor's advice that Mrs. I. Smith, of 94, Dens Road, Dundee, first tried Peps, which have now completely cured her severe bronchitis. At the beginnisg of last winter," con- fided Mrs. Smith to a local pressman, during my husband's last illness I sat up all night beside him for a whole week. The windows of the room had to be kept open, and there was a draught through. I caught a severe cold, and afterwards suffered very much from a sore chest, and coughed almo-st ceaselessly. I had a nasty sensation of suffocating, and a raw, irri- tating and inflamed throat. It was bronchitis. For it my doctor first tried the usual bottles of medicine, but these did me no good. I got very weak and low-spirited, and had difficulty in doing mu housework. Left with my childres to look after, however, I deter- mined not to give way if possible, but my chest and throat got so sore, and I was so shaken with coughing, that at last I broke down altogether, and had to stay in bed. I thought I was in for a severe illness. My son was so alarmed at my condition that he went to another doctor and explained my case to him. This doctor strongly advised my son to get me some Peps. They were, he said, the finest remedy for throat and chest ailments he had ever met with, and he recommended Peps to all his patients. Accordingly my son bought me a box, of Peps. The first Peps tablet I put in my mouth stopped the coughing, and greatly eased my breathing. I went on using Peps, which cut the phlegm, so that I got it up easily and without having to cough until I was ex- hausted. The moment a fit of coughing came on the breathing of Peps fumes into my chest stopped it, besides soothing the throat, and easing my poor chest. The good Peps did my throat gradually extended to my lungs, and at length I was quite rid of the bronchitis. I am confident that Peps alone cured me, and that they explain the excellent health I have now enjoyed for some months." am

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