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Thanks and Acknowledgment.


"Blodwen" in America.


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Remarkable Public Enthusiasm

To Banish Bronchitis.


To Banish Bronchitis. A WONDERFUL MEANS FOR ENDING THIS CHEST-RACKING AILMENT. Whenever that old cough again begins to cause trouble, or the chest feels tender as in the dam- and chilly days of October, it is important to have at hand a box of those wonderful breathe-able tablets, Peps, the discovery of which has in- augurated a new and grand crusade against Bronchitis, in all its forms. First, understand that by bronchitis is meant a serious kind of inflammation in and around the bronchi, that is, the tubes that fork left and right and carry the air from the mouth and windpipe to both lungs. Air that is impure or too cold, or too laden with fog and smoke, irritates these tubes, which are lined by a very fine and delicate membrane. This membrane tries to keep the passage healthy by secreting a fluid, which, if produced in excess, forms into a phlegm and obstructs the passage of the air in and out. Hence difficulty in breathing and the desire to cough spasmodically, and at times so violently as to rupture some of the delicate blood vessels in the bronchi and throat. Indeed, repeated coughing is liable to inflict permanent chest-injury. Neglect to attend properly to the cough, or any misguided attempt to quieten it with drug-laden cough-mixtures, which do not and cannot touch the root cause of the cough, will merely pave the way to chronic bronchitis. In these handy silver-wrapped Peps, we have a new medicine of marvellous com- pactness, constancy, and efficaciousness. Medical science here presents us with its latest achievement—a unique method for dealing direct with the worst cough or cold. The old-style liquid cough-mixture is merely swallowed into the stomach, which is not where the trouble lies, and between which and the lungs, moreover, no passage whatever exists. When liquid medicine appears to quieten a cough, it is generally because the dreadful opium or laudanum in the mixture has drugged the nerves to sleep and lulled the sufferer into a false sense of freedom, but the cough not being itself touched is soon free to start on its chest-racking course once again. The Peps method is the direct method and the only rational method. This breathe-able medicine being in the form of air, goes along the passages reserved by Nature for breathing only, and it penetrates into the furthest corner of the lungs, carrying healing wherever it goes. The bronchitis and all its distressing effects are thus with Peps completely got rid of. Of all chemists, or from Peps Pastille Co., Carlton Hill, Leeds, at 1/11 or 2/9 per box.

Opening of Noddfa Hair.

Presidential Address.