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THE PATENT ii¡;,f-ó !?; -= Hookey Stick. II SPECIAL FEATURES:— FL 0 fl 1. The most Resilient Handle. 2. Entire absence of jarring fljH 4j ■ effects. 3. Drives with ease. 4. Perfect Balance. 5- Excellent CO H Finish and Appearance. 6. Very low price, 12/6 IB o H Every Force" Patent Hockey Stick is Guaranteed Free from H « H Jarring Effects. Hjj > Bi ■n « Local Agent HH B D. 1 HOMAS, The Saddlery, PENTRE. g PROOF OF VALUE.—In the recent match of Internationals against Treorchy, ■ Seven Force Sticks were used by the former. fljH ■ Hockey Sticks, other makers, from 1/- to 7/6 jjg^r Jm Hockey Balls. Hockey Gloves, Steel Rings, &c. Hockey Shinguards are also stocked. Concerning YOUR EYES So Few People have eyes that are perfect, both for near and far vision, that everybody should have their sight tested accurately on the first symptoms of eye-strain. It is a Great Mistake to put off visiting an Optician until the eyes, from sheer neglect, can no longer do their work. Common Spectacles chosen at random, can do considerable damage to the eyesight; therefore, always visit a competent optician when you feel the need of spectacles, when you will have your eyes tested by scientific methods. You Lose Nothing as no charge is made for testing the sight; and if glasses are not necessary you will be told so. Chidren's Eyes should always be examined if they are at all dull or backward in learning, as this is frequently due to difficulty in seeing, and many a child,apparently dull-witted, becomes quick and bright after being fitted with proper glasses. Particular Attention is given to frame-fitting, so that the full benefit can be derived from the lenses, which is impossible with ill-fitting frames. NOTE THE ADDRESS— EMRYS RICHARDS, Chemist and Optician, Dunraven Pharmacy, TONYPANDY (lower end, the First Chemist nearest the Trealaw Bridge). Waddington's Pianos. -+-(fj; POST OFFICE BUILDINGS, PORTH. PHILLIPS & WHITE, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Speciality Tailors. Your future patronage is respectfully solicited, as in the past our personal attention will be at your disposal at all times with Patterns and Illustrations of the latest creation in colours and style, on receipt of post card. Allow us to remain,—PHILLIPS & WHITE. PERFECT TAILORING AT MODERATE PRICES. 28, Castle Arcade (Entrance opposite Castle), CARDIFF 5044 Self-Raising Flour IS t" MY OWN" GUARANTEED TO BE THE BEST FOR CAKES, BUNS and PASTRIES, 2 2 t per pound 2d. -+- E. Meredith & Sons, PANDY SQUARE, TONYPANDY. Try it! Try it! 4951 SPECIALS THIS WEEK AT KINSEY & Co., The Cash. Grocers FLOUR REDUCED- Large Tins of Pears, SPILLERS EXTRAS, 7d each. I 3/- per score. Caerphilly Cheese, 6id per lb. SPLENDID BUTTER 1/- per lb. Whole. Good Quality. SMALL TINS OF SALMON, All other Goods at Lowest possible 3d each. prices. 2 NOTE THE ADDRESS— I! 17 & 18, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy, I 118 ROLLER SKATES By all the leading American & English Makers, from 1/11 to 30/- NORTON'S Cycle Depot, 126, Queen Street, CARDIFF, 5065 Setchfield & Sons Saleroom-HAYES BUILDINGS, The Hayes, Cardiff MESSRS. A. SETCHFIELD & SONS Sell by Auction at the above address on Mondays and Thursdays at 2 p.m., and Saturdays at 7 p.m. A large assortment of usefnl I Household Furniture sold at each Sale, which are removed from various residences for absolute sale. Telephone—01194. Nat. 4598 Rest Your Eyes on this Spot 8 Now we respectfully inform you we HA. VE OPENED AN UP-TO-DATE GENT'S MERCERY ESTABLISHMENT At WELLINGTON HOUSE, Dunraven Street Oppoaifce^the Free TONYPANDY WE ARE ——— Metford Bros. Who hope by Up-to-date Goods and lowes possible prices to merit a share of your esteemed patronage. "MUCH IN LITTLE." Scientists are endeavouring to reduce the bulk, and to render all articles used for food more portable. As a result, you can now carry your breakfast in one waistcoat pocket, and the ingredients of a good plate of soup in the other. This result has long been attained in Pharmacy, whilst new and improved methods of selection and concentration have been introduced. Although established over half a century, KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS are up to date, and contain the essence of medicinal herbs in their purest form, and, therefore, in the highest degree curative. For a disordered stomach, impaired digestion, sluggish liver, impure blood, a yellow or muddy complexion, biliousness, &c., these celebrated Pills are unsurpassed when taken according to the directions accompanying each box. Sold in 7d., 13-|d., and 2s. 9d. 2 2 boxes by all Chemists and Stores, or direct of Kernick and Son (Limited), The Laboratory, Cardiff. 4949 WilliarnTreseder The Nurseries, Cardiff. Ornamental Shrubs and Trees in great variety ROSES A SPECIALITY. Herbaceous and Rock Plants Apples, Pears. Plums, Peaches, Currants, Gooseberries, &c. Larch, Scotch, Spruce, &c., &c. Thorn, Quick. Telegrams—Treseder, Florist. Nat. Telephone-597 5030 Saddlery, Saddlery 116, Bute St., TREHERBERT. Established 1860. YORWERTH THOMAS AND COMPANY, Of BRIDGEND, Has now taken the above, which is the Oldest Saddlery Business in the Rhondda Valleys, and trust by strict attention to business to merit the continuance of public support. The satisfaction that the Old Established and well-known firm of YORWERTH THOMAS & Co. has given to Colliery Proprietors, Gentry Farmers and Tradesmen, throughout the Country is sufficient Guarantee of MARYELLOUS YALUE, HIGHEST QUALITY, IMMENSE SELECTION, LOWEST PRICES, PROMPT ATTENTION. Tarpaulin, Cart Covers, HORSE CLOTHS, COAL BAGS & FEED SACKS. Send for Price List to Morgan and Richardson, MANUFACTURERS, 20, Womanby Street, CARDIFF. 5040 Dr. EVANS' Hair Restorer Will restore Grby Hair to its natural colour and beauty. Then why look old? Send for a bottle and look young. Post Free in Bots 1/3, under cover from GAMES EVANS, Ltd. 54, Clare-rd., Cardiff J. HUSSEY, 38 St. Mary St., CARDIFF. LICENSED Shop and Stock Valuer STOCKS BOUGHT AND SOLD. HARRISON For WEDDING GROUPS FAMILY GROUPS, FOOT- & BALL GROUPS, PRESENT. PUAIUQ ATION GROUPS, and every ^MiO; description of Photography. The Popular PHOTOGRAPH ERS Entrances—At O. S. Evans, Ironmonger, and Eleanor St., near Trinity Church, opposite Lower Tonypandy Post Office. Tram'3 pass door 484 i Don't tink de world's consarn d 'bout you You ve got ter holler sonny De man dat runs de biggest shout, Gits closes to de money ){14' ( A delicate beco111es a strong healthy child. through taking ySkm H I "Mrs. B begs to enclose digest any food. Wf ■ M ■ "photograph of her baby, age nj "The Doctor recommended W ■ ■ m H "months, who has been taking Virol Virol, with the result shown in the i i "since she was six weeks old. "photograph. She is now a strong, In Jars. 1/ 1/8, 2/1t "She was very delicate as a "healthy little child. Cricklewood, «young infant and quite unable to N.W., January 3, 1909."

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