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Glamorgan Quarter Sessions.



Liwynypia Baths and Institute,

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Rev. Conrad Noel at Porth. Ferrer's Judicial Murder. On Sunday afternoon and evening last, at the Palace Theatre, Porth, the Rev. Conrad Noel addressed large and appre- ciative audiences on What is Socialism P" and also Economics." Mr. W. F. Hay presided. "The problem before us," Mr. Noel said in the evening, may be. put into a nutshell." It was the problem of the overworking and underfeeding of the many; and of the underworking and over- feeding of the few. And add to this the general insecurity of the wage-earner and the poverty of the clerk, and the dangers that encompass the small trader from large combinations of capital. Wealth, continued the speaker, was produced solely by the worker. The essential means of life were owned by the few. Dividing the population, we find one million rich men, 5 millions comfortably rich, 39 millions poor people, 12 millions of whom were very poor. The capitalists, possessing the means and the power, were thus enabled to Hictate the terms upon which the workers should produce. The larger proportion of the wealth produced went into the rich man's pocket, and enabled him to avoid the commandment of his own religion, If any man will not work, neither should he eat." Some people said, Capital should have its reward." You might as well say," Mr. Noel declared that a saucepan as a machine should have its reward. Capital is an inanimate thing, and but the fruit of the labour of bygone generations." The speaker went on to suggest that the whole tendency of industries was towards Social- ism. The collective enterprise of the great Trusts, sweated industries, and municipal trading suggested that the public could manage their own affairs more efficiently than private traders, and that, further, the wealth produced would no longer support a useless class of land- lords and usurers, but would flow back again into the pockets of the people them- selves. The address was frequently interrupted with applause, and at the close several questions were answered by the speaker. Before the meeting terminated, the Chairman very sympathetically referred to the execution of Senor Francisco Ferrer, and the following resolution was put to the meeting: and carried unani- mously That this meeting of the in- habitants of Porth denounce the murder of Francisco Ferrer, the patriotic edu- cator of Spain, by the Spanish Govern- ment, and deeply lament his death, which has deprived his country of one of its most useful and eminent citizens. This meeting expresses its utter detestation felt by all civilised men and women for the murderous ecclesiastics who, with bheir military allies, are daily sacrificing innocent victims, and are reviving in modern Erurope all the horrors of the Inquisition. This meeting, therefore, whilst denouncing the infamous attack of he Spanish Government, takes the oppor- tunity of sending this message of greeting bo the Spanish people, and of sympathy ivith them in their struggle against clerical and military tyranny." The resolution was forwarded to Mr. Asquith and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

C.E. Men's Society, irm

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