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Glamorgan Quarter Sessions.




Friday's Deluge Streets Feet Deep under Water. Footbridge Washed Away Traffic Suspended. The heavy rains of Friday last resulted in flooclis which, though fortunately not attended by any fatality, caused much damage to property and inconvenience to pedestrian and vehicular1 traffic. The footbridge over the Rhondda River leading from Trealaw to Tonypandy, near the Glamorgan Colliery, was washed away. A tip was also undermined, and several wagons toppled over into the river. The T.V.R. cottage near the Tre- alaw and Tonypandy Station was also flooded, and the occupants were forced to seek shelter elsewhere. Twenty yards of screens were washed away at the Naval Colliery, and the tip from the new sink- ing was washed away. The greatest damage done by the floods was at Trehafod, where three streets were inundated to the depth of several feet. The violence of the rushing water in the Rhondda River was here such as to sweep over the retaining walls in some places, whilst in some parts huge boundary walls were carried away, leaving large gaps 20 and 30 yards wide. Bewis Street, Bethesda Terrace, and Wayne Street suffered greatly. The rushing water, having swept away the walls, rushed through the streets like a raging torrent, and the houses were inundated early in the day. Fortunately, most of the occu- pants, having received warning of the oncoming danger, quitted their houses for a place of safety, whilst others were rescued from bedroom windows by police officers and civilians. One elderly lady, who was lying seriously ill, had to be conveyed to the Porth Cottage Hospital. A report was circulated that one family, named WiUiama, had perished in the flood, but the rumour, fortunately, proved groundless, the party being subsequently discovered in a bedroom. Pianos, chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture floated about the rooms like corks, and most of the families suffered considerable losses. The Trehafod Council Schools were flooded, but the children had been sent to their homes prior to the inundation. Porth also suffered considerably from the flood. The road between the Post Office and the Police Station was ren- dered impassable, and vehicular traffic was completely blocked. The tramway service was suspended for several hours. A rather unique sight was provided by the number of vehicles lying along the roadway below the Porth Hotel, the horses having been accommodated in neighbouring stables. The low-lying streets of Pentre were under water during the latter part of the day. Lewis Street was inundated to the depth of three or four feet, the occu- pants having to resort to their bedrooms for safety. The water in* many caseis, reached as high as the top bar in the kitchen fireplaces, and the furniture floated about the rooms. The occupants of two small tenements known as Napoleon's Houses on the moun- tain side near the recent disastrous tip slide at Pentre were alarmed by a portion of the land at the rear of the houses crashing into the back room and filling it with gravel and wet clay. Fearing fur- ther damage, the tenants, a collier named Isaac Edwards and a Mrs. Rachel James, decided to abandon the premises, and speedily removed their furniture to neigh- bouring houses. A number of under-houses at Gelli were flooded early in the day, and husbands and fathers were summoned home from the neighbouring collieries by the affrighted women folk. Treorchy and Treherbert also suffered to a corresponding degree. At Ferndale considerable damage was done to property lying on the banks of the river. The cellars of the houses at Taff Street, near the station, were com- pletely flooded, and the occupants had to remove their furniture, the water in many of the houses being 2 feet deep. A portion of the Taff Vale Railway siding was also washed away.

Liwynypia Baths and Institute,

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C.E. Men's Society, irm

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Afternoon Shifts.

What Tonypandy is Tempted…