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Boxing Exhibitions.


Boxing Exhibitions. Principal Edwards proposed a long resolution relative to public morals, in which particular reference was made to the recent boxing matches. In effect, the rev. gentleman's resolution was that the conference greatly deplored the con- tinued prevalence of many evils, such as drunkenness and gambling, and noted, especially with deep disgust and intense sorrow the increasing, interest and the amazing popularity" among a large section of the community or degrading sports such as pugilism, the effect of which must be most demoralising, espe- cially to the youth of the country." It brought about a low ideal when the ex- ponents of this brutal art were lifted into the category of heroes, and when the gruesome and repulsive details" of the fights were chronicled at inordinate length in bold type and in the most pro- minent columns of the secular Press, and the effect must be the creation of low morals and the arotusing of the worst passions. The resolution further called for more stringent laws to deal with various evils—entire Sunday closing and local veto, as well as the enforcement in every locality of the Children Act, which, it was feared, was not adopted in many districts; the raising of the age of pro- tection of girls from sixteen to eighteen, if not twenty; the making of gambling illegal anywhere and everywhere, not only in the streets, but in high places; and the repression of pugilistic exhibi- tions as being dangerous to the well- being of society. The conference also called upon the owners of halls (such as that at Mountain Ash) to forbid their use for the purpose of boxing. Principal Edwards added that it was to be fervently hoped that these sports, which, he said, degraded Wales, should be banished, and that Wales should yet remain to be the most Christian country on the face of the earth, and not the home of Continental Sundays and the battleground of pugilism. The resolution was carried amidst applause.

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