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BOURNVILLIi [ GIP-, GARDEN VILIE The factory workers of Iy -3 jfifli been given not only go/ ^A?t, fftrl houses, but the most amp7 <>0 *3 fT" moting their own and/ b'X'S it 7- health and well-being. J a jfej|r JgS^Sj is a recreation ground/ AtW carefully kept walks vf Jq ^J> # kW spacious lawns where,/ QK Q In the pavilion, besitf °Oq^ /not be^o^f courts, the seniors *? £ /from a by two expenenc/ demonstrated by f" ? I?"663 °f 0J» -6>* /number of Press rnLT3 a Wy C* „ /sited their famous compulsory, anf *(.9 b SS^ wi? ■ "*> **t /toryis bv no ™s mmg bath uJ n /is to the very workers 700J A Op /beauty spot in a region swim For/ 0O^ L a synonym for « eye- ground of i/ Q; Jjpry /s for miles round from air swnmr/ Q*1 /ed walls that give the Here the/ air oi picturesque castle swimmin/ «3fV» j /se to the gardens of the club, anJ to» /ir masses of many coloured hundre/ /f ant' ^heir trim rows of Sw lr *kat when a vacancy occurs 16 /ile the applications are ten or at work yO /nes in excess of the demand, fectionery in bewi is certainly the workers' para- tmng is scrupulously cl its girl hands, as Mr. Cad bury ous workrooms get an a un h known for miles round as Cad- light. ngels." u r OS F#ADE AT BOURNVILLE

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IPorth Higher Grade School…


IFootball, f


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---Lecture at Clydach Vale.