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Presidential Address.



SfSATTHEWS & 00. Tailors & Cutters to the Trade. 18, Tudor Road, Cardiff. f Estimates given for Contracts. Large Quantity of Woollens always in stock, Patterns and Price List on application. Uniforms and Liveries made up. Mourning Orders executed in 6 hours. Dr. Barker's Pills FOR FEMALES. The best remedy for Aenemia, Giddiness, Nervousness, Depression, Hysteria, and all similar disorders peculiar to ladies. Full directions with each box. 113 and 2}9 post free. A better medicine cannot be obtained. KIT THE BARKER MEDICINE Co. WHOESALE AGENT: W. JENKINS, M.P.S. Dispensing Chemist, 92, Llewellyn St., PENTRE, Glam D. M. WILLIAMS, Accountant and Public Auditor, BRYN GELLI HOUSE, AND LLOYDS | BANK CHAMBERS, TONYPANDY. Tradesmen's Accounts written up, Balanced, or Audited. Deeds of Arrangement, Mortgages and Transfers of Properties negotiated. Bankruptcy and Probate of Will Accounts Prepared. Insurance, House and Estate Agent. Rent Collected. 231 IF YOU KNOW ANYONE ABOUT TO BE MARRIED Will you kindly mention to them the fact that we are specialists in the Highest Grade for Wedding Cakes, and supply the choicest designs at very low rate. A call at our Estab- lishment will be appreciated. A specimen cake will be shown with pleasure. Is there anyone you know who this summer intends becoming a partner in a life long partnership ? —o— A. T. Price & Co., The Popular Restaurant, PENTRE. RECORD 0 H. SAMUEL'S CRCAT SUMMER BARGAINS CLEARANCE-the st SALB We vast firm has ever organised— A FEW r provides an opportunity for EXAMPLES. necu.ring: absolutew astoudi.9 Ifi BARL^OANVMMAIRNDING GUARDS WATCHES,CLOCKS,RINGS,CUTLERY PLATE ete. /offeredlunng"ale\f/:18/6 /m /W/s /m' 'ak —thousands to choose from at simply 6 m Jsstaggering reductions, SOLID C/ Solid Gold BROOCH, with ASKR Rlfi FREE PRIZE SOLD. 0/cHist«r of Pearls and box at /F0R ■ wWf Dl« met rni £ b /back for photo {*9 sketch). C /V„T„ ■ rag 1 dants, com- p te with no/6 L# JB 250,000 TESTIMPNIIKIW^Y^ottlc Dinner Cruets, electro- I Jj f received by H. SAMUEL pltd., on itrong stand i the finett figjKajf fflBy H SOLID tjfl I fVe^yt^ing suPPJy /offered in Britain. <Vjf B WATCH, I accurate. at 31. price7/" J pin PARC See the windows—full of amazing u.ual I AH I rMn6 offers—CALL IH-no obligation to price | Jy PAID. buy. This SALE surpasses all recordi6 iS^/H. SAMUEL st— (of frjy^^Con'ie with the Crowd^ y%gr|gj^ijr My Great Stock of jggrjmqjf WALLPAPERS, 1 Which must be Clearod. Tremendous Reductions. F. J. THRASHER, Painter, Paperhanger and mj House Decorator. 89, Tylacelyn-rd., PENYGRAIG (Corner Shop). M Agent for Hall's Washable Distemper. Varnish, Varnish Oil aud Colour Brushes, and all Decorators' Requisites. Estimates Free. 4978 A Warning to he Public. ESTABLISHED 1845 EE SURE YOU iGET Thompson's BURDOCK PILLS AND REFUSE ALL SUBSTITUTES. SW One of the oldest and best of Mecucines, having been more than 60 years before the Public for purifying the foulest blood, and removing every disease of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. Cures Scurvy and Scrofula, Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, and all diseases arising from an impure state of the Blood. Gouty and Rheumatic persons/will find the greatest relief by their use. Sold by all Chemists at 1s. lid and 2s 9d, or by Post direct from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 27, St. Helen's Rd., Swansea For 15 or 34 Stamps. Thompson's Electric Life Drops for the cure of Nervous Debility. The Electric Life Drops act so quickly on a weak and shattered constitution that health is speedily restored, In Bottles at 5s 6d, lis, and 22s, in cases of 95 See the Name of the Sole Proprietors—M. A. THOMPSON & SON on Label. [TO WHOM IT MAY COHCEBN | t ;j BACHELORS, ENGAGED COUPLES, MARRIED PEOPLE, Y0JJNG and OLD requiring to furnish their houses, are [ HEARTILY INVITED to call at t 1 > I The London Furnishing Co., 98, DUNRAVEN ST., TONYPANDY, ;j Where they will receive Genial Attention, Best Yalue, Lowest ■ II Terms, and Prompt Delivery with > I A Guarantee for Satisfaction. r 1 1 si The L. F. Co., now have every room in their Premises (9 in all) Furnished as Showrooms, and are thus able to show their J LARGE AND VARIED STOCK I r OF I Dining, Drawing, Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture to an > advantage, from which selections can be made conveniently. ■; 4 > ] I 1]0- A Call from you will be appreciated. [ 1 Tine Number is 98. J BQSIV1 111 mind Healings are Straighttorward f 4 1 Competition Defied [ 1 °intSl Value is the Best f t Address-THE LONDON FURNISHING CO., Dunraven Street, TONYPANDY [ r Headquarters—REDCLIFF FURNISHING CO., BRISTOL. ( Warehouse—Coliseum (opposite New Empire), Tonypandy. Established 1857, p i I ^r- ■ ww ww ww 'ww ww ir1 ^L

Mr. Lloyd George at Treorchy.…