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Ton-Pentre Police Court.


Ton-Pentre Police Court. Monday.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Messrs. T. P. Jen- kins, Enoch Davies, D. W. Davies, Alder- man Win. Morgan, and Alderman E. H. Davies. A SUSPICIOUS MACHINE. Bracchi Bros., refreshment house keepers, Ystrad Road, Pentre, were sum- moned for allowing a game of chance to be played on the premises. Mr. T. Phil- lips, Bargoed, defended. P.O. D. T. James said that on Sunday evening, 26th September, he visited defen- dants' premises at 48, Ystrad Road, Pentre. On the wall was a machine, in which pennies were placed, and if the player was lucky," he might have his penny back, or two sweets. When wit- ness was in the shop, a young man was playing, and he had liis penny returned to him. A machine was produced in Court, but witness protested that it was NOT' the same as he found on defendants' premises. Mr. T. P. Jenkins: I don't like to put a penny in, for fear I shan't have it back (laughter). Mr. Phillips was appealed to for a penny, but, amidst great laughter, the advocate fumbled without success in all his pockets. A penny was, however, forthcoming from the owner of the machine, and Mr. Jenkins had several attempts at it. He received his penny back twice, but lost it on three other attempts. He gave it up with the remark, I am afraid Td lose all my money on it (laughter). P.O. Rowe corroborated. Mr. Phillips, for the defence, contended that the machine had been modified, and there was no possibility of losing any money in it. Mr. Jenkins: I don't know how you can say that when you saw my pennies going astray. Mr. Phillips: It is impossible to lose any money at all with that machine. It is exactly the same as the machines on railway stations, where you drop in a penny and get a box of sweets or choco- lates in return. Mr. T. P. Jenkins said that the case had not been proven to the hilt, but it was a most unfair and dishonest machine. In reply to the Bench as to whether he had any suggestions, Mr. Phillips re- plied that he had not, because he was going to prove that it was impossible for a man to lose any money in it. Mr. Jenkins: I don't think we can pro- ceed any further to-day, but we hope you will take note of what we said. The machine is full of suspicion, but the case has not been proved. The case is dis- missed. OPPOSITION TO MUSIC AND DANCING LICENSE. Mr. James Phillips, solicitor, Ponty- pridd, applied for a music and dancing license for the Llwynypia Workmen's Baths. Mr. Millward, Pentre, opposed the application on behalf of the Rev. Ambrose Williams, Tonypandy. and said that when a similar application was before the Bench in respect of another place some time ago, they consented to adjourn the application to meet the opposing: parties. His client had only heard of the application on Saturday evening, and he had had no time to consult his fellow-ministers in the neighbourhood. He would be glad, there- fore, if the Bench would grant an ad- journment for a week or fortnight. A week's adjournment was granted. SUNDAY GAMING AT TYNEWYDD. Ed. Edwards, Jos. Edwards, James Leader. Leonard Wolfe, Wm. Wolfe, Thomas Cole, David Hughes, Benjamin Jenkins, Stephen Jones, David Morgan and David Collins were summoned for gaming in a public place. Mr. T. Mill- ward, Pentre, defended all the defen- dants. P.C. Edwin Williams said that on Sun- day afternoon, 26th ult., he SJFCW all the defendants, with others, playing a. game of cards called "banker" on the Tynewydd I tips. After watching them for some time, witness sent for P.C. Amos from Treherbert; but as he came on the scene, he was seen by one of the defendants, and they all scattered. Money was seen pass- ing between them. P.C. Thomas corroborated. Evidence was given to show that Cole was not amongst defendants at the time, but was actually in.bed. Cole was discharged. Stephen Jones, David Hughes and David Morgan were fined 30s. each, and the rest 15s. each. DRINK AT THE BOTTOM OF ALL. Mary Bees, widow, living in a cellar dwelling at 117, High Street, Treorchy, was summoned at the instance of t'he N.S.P.C.C. for neglecting her children in a manner as to cause them unnecessary suffering. Mr. Spickett, Pontypridd, appeared for the Society, and said that he believed this was a case in which the Inebriety Act might be applied. Inspector John Thomas said. that he visited defendant's house on Friday, 17th September. The house, which consisted of two rooms-one of which was usecl as a kitchen and the inner room as a bed- room-was occupied by defendant and her five children. On the day of his visit, witness tound defendant on a small bed in the kitchen. She was very di-unlio, and her little girl stood behind her trying to steady her, and defendant fell upon the child. There were three children in the house, whilst the baby, aged one year and eleven months, was crawling about the backyard. The child was very weak, un- developed and neglected. On the follow- ing day, witness again called, and found the defendant in bed in the inner room, helplessly drunk. The children were in a worse condition than on the previous day; they were sadly neglected, and the whole place was in A, filthy condition. The children were taken to the Workhouse. Corroborative evidence was given by neighbours, and his Wo-rshi,, addressing defendant, said that drink was at the "bottom of it all. The case was adjourned for two months, and his Worship said it would be well to direct the Sanitary Inspector's attention to this dwelling. TRIED TO CHOKE HIS WIFE. Mary Davies, Ystrad, applied for a separation order against her husband, John Davies. Complainant said that on Saturday, October 2nd, defendant came home from a public-house, and caught hold of her throat to choke her, and dragged her about. Later in the day he again ran after her, and dragged her about. He had beaten her several times before, and she was very often obliged to leave the house for safety. The separation order was granted, and 10s. a week for maintenance. AN, UNPROVOKED ASSAULT. Edward Thomas, Ystrad, summoned Thomas Davies Ystrad, for assault. Mr. T. Millward, Pentre, appeared for com- plainant, and Mr. D. W. James, Tony- pandy, for defendant. Complainant said that on the 2nd inst. between eleven and twelve at night, lie was standing with some companions out- side the Commercial Hotel. Pentre, when defendant came up, pushed him by the shoulder, and .then struck him in the eye, drawing blood, and discolouring it. Com- plainant did not strike back, but went straight to a policeman and told him about it. Bert Williams, Ystrad,- one of the men who was with complainant at the time, gave corroborative evidence. C A fine of 10s. and costs was imposed. HANDBALL PLAYING. Wm. J. Sylvester, John Bevan, John Thomas and Morgan Bevan were sum- moned for obstruction. P.C. Henry said that he saw defen- dants playing handball against a hoarding in Llwynypia Road. Sylvester and Thomas were fined 7s. 6d. each; John Bevan, 10s.; and Morgan Bevan, 12s. 6d.


Porth Police Court.

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