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Allotments in the Rhondd 8.

- Llwynypia.


Porth and District Trades…


Porth and District Trades and Labour Council. The monthly meeting of the above, Council was held at the Washington Hotel on Monday evening. There were present Alderman Morgan Williams and Coun- cillor Ben Davies. and representatives of the various colliery lodges of the district there were present also delegates from the Tramvvaymen's Union, Porth Shop Assistants' Union," the Municipal Em- ployees' Association, and the Gasworekrs' Union. Mr. Rhys Jones presided. The delegates of the Shop Assistants, M.E.A., the Tramwaymen, and Gas- i workers respectively reported that their lodges had decided to affiliate with the Trades and Labour Council. A sympathetic vote of condolence was moved with the wife of the late Mr. Geo. Caldicott, who for many years was secre- tary of the Labour Council. Apropos of the proposed vote of censure upon Councillor Ben Davies, the Lady Lewis delegate said his lodge had passed a vote of censure upon the Councillor, not merely because of the £100 voted by the District Council towards the reception and decorations in connection with the recent visit of Princess Louise, but because of the manner in which the Council had treated letters of protest from the Lady Lewis Lodge and the Pentre Trades and Labour Council. According to the Press, when -the letters were read, there was laughter, and naturally that was treating the letters with contempt. He did not wish them to think that they had any idea of opposing Councillor Ben Davies at the next election. Councillor Davies, in replying, said that he was not present at the meeting when the £100 was voted, so he had not voted for or against it. Alderman M. Williams and others spoke on the subject, and after some discussion, the matter was referred back to the various lodges for a mandate on the ques- tion. The Coedcae House Coal delegate brought forward a motion for securing more Welsh teaching in the schools. He urged that the Welsh language should be the medium through which other subjects should be taught, and not English. It was not enough that merely the Welsh language should he taught. Strong objection was raised to the motion by the Oymmer delegate, on the score that the Welsh language was not a useful subject. Not that there were objections to Welsh itself being taught, but outside of Wales it was thought prac- tically useless. An extension of French or German would be more useful. (Cries of No, no "). The matter was allowed to fall through. Mr. Tom Llewellyn was appointed dele- gate to W.E.A. Conference at Cardiff.





Percie Smith s Orchestral…

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