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Allotments in the Rhondd 8.

- Llwynypia.


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Nantymoel Poultry Club. Members' Show. A table show in connection with the Nantymoel Poultry Club was held on Thursday last in a spacious room of the, Blaenogwr Hotel, Nantymoel. Ten classes were provided, and the entries were good. Mr. W. Graves, the hon. secretary of the Poultry Club, backed up by an excellent committee, is doing his utmast, by means of these table shows, to increase the, membership, and we are informed that his efforts are bearing good fruit. The following gentlemen acted as judges: —- Poultry, Mr. J. Lewis; cage birds, Mr. W. Hughes; pigeons, Mr. G. Mason; rabbits. Mr. A. Whitford. Awards:- Cockerel. bred 1909.-1. J. Griffiths 2. T. Ball; 3, W. Graves. Pullet, bred 1909.-1. W. Graves; 2. W. Furley. 3, W. Smith. Bantams, bred 1909.-1, W. Jones; 2. W. Furley; 3, W. Jones; 4, F. Berrett. Bantams, any variety.—1 and 2, F. Berrett; 3, G. Barnard; 4, A. Whitford. Working Homer.—1, W. Vile; 2, J. Jones; 3, J. John; 4, J. Greenhill. Pigeon, bred 1909.-1, W. Davies; 2, W. Smith; 3, D. Jones. Fancy Pigeon.-1, 3 and 4, E. A. Hale r 2, P. Webber. Cage Birds.—Canary, any variety: 1. E. Morris; 2 and 3, G. John. Any other variety.—1, G. John 2, F. Furley; 3, W. Barnes. Rabbits.—1, 2 and 3, Messrs. J. Wood and Clatworthy. Worn Out Men with wrecked Nerves and impaired Physical Vigour should take DR. CASSELL'S TABLETS. (1) Have you been burning the candle at both ends? (2) Are you suffering from nerve and physical breakdown? (3) Are you looking old before your time ? (4) Are you sensitive and irritable? (5) Do you feel weak after exertion? (6) Have you kidney and digestive troubles ? (7) Are you losing flesh? (8) Are you pallid, thin and wrinkled? (9) Do you lack organic energy ? or if you are, in any way weak, thin, nervous or debilitated, or suffering from any form of physical and nerve exhaustion, a course of Dr. Cassell's Tablets will speedily and permanently cure you. This great remedy of world-wide repute is pure, safe and reliable, and contains just what is neces- sary to restore worn out tissues of nerves and organs, and is the most remarkable body builder and restorer of modern times. Doc tore, scientists, and the public generally are testifying to the extra- ordinary qualities of Dr. Cassell's Tablets, and it only remains for the sufferer to try them and convince himself of their efficacy. Dr. Cassell's Tablets can be obtained for IOI.-d., lilt, and 2/9 of all chemists.




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