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Lecturer in Education, ...-

The Secret of the Alps.

New Bethania Chapel, Tonypandy.




Gilfach Goch.j



I Cwmparc. The Evening Schools session has com- menced, but it cannot be said by any stretch of imagination that there has been a frenzied rush of knowledge- thirsters to "drink deep of the Pyro- haean spring." Possibly a "blank l' Saturday and consequent poverty of "nimble shillings telle a tale. dissatisfaction is expressed loc" 11 the classes do not start at Q y tnat to allow early retirement 80 view of the changed hou- + £ n coal-mine, lS ot work 111 the Cwmparc folk -r;vill be gratified to hear that the longstanding petition for local I telephone an telegraph facilities has at last heeil graciously answered. Mr. T. Morgan, -oohoolmaster, who has plaved gu<?h an arduous part in securing this reform, has revived a report from Mabon stating that the Postmaster-General has given the petition his favourable con- sideration. Following is a copy of the welcome message: — General Post Office, [ 23rd September,' 1909. "Pear Mr. Abrah,,trn,-With reference to the petition which you sent me on the 12th of July last, I am glad to be able to inform you that I have authorised the provision of telegraph and telephone facilities at Cwmparc, and the work will be put in hand as soon as the necessary wayleaves have been obtained and the statutory notice of the new line given to the public.—Yours very truly, ,<w "S. BUXTON. W Abraham, Esq., M.P." Very successful harvest thanksgiving services were held in St. George's Church last Sunday and Monday, when the Revs. Canon Lewis, Pentre; A. A. Kerridge, M.A., Llwynypia; and T. C. Phillips" Radyr, officiated. The church was verv tastefully decorated and excellent choral services were performed.




IPorth Chamber of Trade.

iTonyrefail Boy's Suocess.

Fox in a Garden.

Facts About Skin.

Fasting Man at Tonypandy.