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New Bethania Chapel, Tonypandy.


New Bethania Chapel, Tonypandy. Opening Services. The past week has been an important one in the history of Mid-Rhondda Calvinistic Methodism, and especially so to the members of that denomination who have hitherto worshipped at Bethania Chapel, Tonypandy. For some years the members have felt that the old chapel was too small and also in other ways un- suitable for the increased membership and needs of the people, so steps were taken towards erecting a new one. A site was obtained near Pandy Square, and plans for the building were prepared by Mr. R. S. Griffiths, M.S.A., Tonypandy. The firm of Messrs. Turner, Cardiff, secured the contract of building, and the result reflects the greatest credit on all concerned. The new chapel is large enough to accommodate nearly a thousand people, contains two classrooms, a library and a comfortable vestry to seat about two hundred. The building is classic in BETHANIA CHAPEL. Photo by] [Levi Ladd, Tonypandy style, the inside walls being divided into bays with panelled and moulded pilasters, the top being beautifully decorated with Corinthian caps. The woodwork through- out is of pitch pine, with headings and dressings of mahogany, teak and ebony, the whole suggesting a high standard of elegance and comfort. Some of the foremost ministers of the Methodist denomination had been en- gaged to ta&e part in the opening ser- vices, the full list being as follows: — Rev. John Morgan, pastor; Principal Owen Prys, M.A., Aberystwyth; Rev. S. T. Jones, Conway (late Rhyl); Rev. J. Morgan Jones, Cardiff; Rev. Rhys Mor- gan, Llanddewibrefi; Rev. M. H. Ellis, Trealaw; Rev. E. Richards (C.), Tony- pandy Rev. W. S. Jones, (B.), Llwyny- pia; Rev. T. E. Davies, Clydach Yale; Rev. Ambrose Williams. Tonypandy and the Rev. William Lewis, Pontypridd. The first service was held on Saturday afternoon, when the ceremony of unveil- ing the memorial stones was performed. REV. JOHN MORGAN. Pastor of the Church. The inclement weather, no doubt. pre- vented many from being present, but under the circumstances, the gathering was a very large one. Among the minis- ters present we noticed the Revs. John Morgan, pastor- M. H. Ellis (C.M.), Tre- alaw; James Nicholas (B..), Tonypandy; W. Ambrose Williams (C.M.), Tonypandy; T. Lloyd (C.M.), Ystrad-Rhondda; T. G. Jenkyn (C.), Llwynypia; E. Richards (C.), Tonypandy; T. Powell (C.M.), Cwm- dare; W. S. Jones (B.), Llwynypia; E. Walter Thomas (0.), Tonypandy; T. Morris (C.), Clydach Vale; and Dr. D. M. Phillips, Tylorstown. The pastor, Rev. John Morgan, com- mencing the service, asked those present to join in singing an appropriate hymn, after which the Rev. J. Nicholas led in prayer. The unveiling ceremony was then proceeded with, and was performed by the following ladies and gentlemen:- Mr. T. Phillips, Bryn Nant, Tonypandy Mr. David Price, Brynheulog, Tony- pandy; Mrs. R. S. Griffiths, Clydach Vale; Mrs. Dr. Morgan, Llwynypia (in memory of the late Mr. Isaac Morgan, Caeglas, Tonypandy); Mrs. A. Morgan, Caeglas, Tonypandy; Miss Margaretta Williams (in memory of Mr. Wm. Wil- liams, Wain House, Tonypandy); Mrs. Gwen Rees, Cambrian House, Tonypandy Miss Maggie Jane Watkins, Pandy Square, Tonypandy; Mr. Thomas Jones Paris House, Tonypandy; and Mr. Edward Jenkins, Radvr (in memory of his wife) When this ceremony was completed, the chapel was entered and a short public service was held, presided over by the pastor. In his opening remarks, he stated that the chief object of the meeting was to give people an opportunity of seeing the new building and to speak about it. He considered that the day was an im- portant one in the history of Bethania, and trusted that the erection of the new chapel would be the means of furthering the cause of Calvinistic Methodism and the Christian Church generally. With regard to the memorial stones^ he was pleased to state that those who had un- veiled them had given generously towards the funds, cheques ranging from fifty to two hundred guineas having been handed to him. The Rev. M. H. Ellis, who followed, congratulated the church on the work done, and was pleased that the rich mem- bers had done so well. He also reminded the poorer people that had a share in the work of maintaining the church, and that small contributions were ac- knowledged and blessed by God. It was a beautiful building, and the purpose of its erection-that of the saving of souls— was also beautiful. Many souls had been saved in the old Bethania, and he hoped the new Bethania would continue the good work. Mr. D. M. Williams, Tonypandy, who has worked hard and rendered signal ser- vice during the erection of the chapel, wa.s next called upon to give a short account of the movement. He stated that many promises had been made at the commencement, and he was pleased to say that they had been largely ful- filled. During the short time that they had been collecting towards the new debt, a sum of £1,280 had been realised. Rich and poor alike had contributed freely, but there was still much to do to liquidate the debt. Mr. Edward Jenkins, Radyr, who fol- lowed, traced the growth of the Methodist cause at Llwynypia from its commence- ment at the Schools to its present posi- tion. He felt sure that the departed ones whom he knew and remembered, must rejoice that the cause of God had 3 t succeeded so well, and hoped that the glory of the new Bethania, would eclipse that of the old. Mr. R. S. Griffiths, D.C., the archi- tect, stated he had very pleasant recol- lections of the old Bethania, and was pleased at having had the work of design- ing the new chapel. It was difficult to break off old connections, and it had always been hie, Vperionoe that the older members of a church always wished to have the old building renovated, rather than erect a new one. Still, it was a duty to provide commodious chapels when necessary, in order to receive greater blessings from God. Mr. Griffiths added that he had never dealt with more honourable people than those of Bethania Chapel Committee, and also paid a high tribute to the contractors and workmen, who had done so much to realise his ideals in the building of the chapel. Mr. James Turner, who represented the firm of contractors, TelOHankful for the kind words which had been spoken in appreciation of the work done. The con- tractors, architect, and chapel committee had worked harmoniously together, with the result that very few complaints had been made during the whole period of erection. Everyone had been courteous and sympathetic, and his sincere hope was that the new church would be abun- dantly blessed and be the means of saving sinners for the glory of God. Dr. Phillips, Tyiorstown, stated that only one thing was wanting, and that was a large organ for the chapel. They must not complain that the chapel cost too much; no place could be made too beau- tiful for the worship of God. He referred to the beautiful churches he. had visited in Cairo, Jerusalem and Damascus, and held them as an example to the Christian Church of our country. The singing of a hymn brought the afternoon proceedings to a close. In the evening the chapel was crowded, and excellent sermons were delivered by the Revs. John Morgan (pastor) and S. T. Jones, Conway. The services were continued during the week. The bills of quantities for the new chapel were prepared by Messrs. Lewis and Mor- gan, architects, Tonypandy. The build- ing is heated on the high-pressure system by Messrs. E. Hampton and Co., Cardiff. Rhondda County School, Porth. Twenty-one pupils of the above school have passed a Matriculation Examination this year this probably forming a record number for any one school in one year in the Principality. Emrys Evans (Tre- alaw) and Richard W. Rees (Clydach Vale) completed their Matriculation last September. Eight others have passed in four out of five subjects. The following scholarships have been won this year:-R. S. Lang (Tonyrefail), R40 and University fees, awarded on the results of the O.W. Board Honours Cer- tificate Examination: Donald R. Davies (Ton-Pentre), j640 and University fees, awarded on the results of examination conducted by the University College, Car- diff; Emrys Evans (Trealaw), 240 and fees; R. W. Rees (Clydach Vale), jE40 and fees, both awarded on the results of the University College Examinations. BUDGET DEMONSTRATION AT PORTH. BUDGET DEMONSTRATION AT PORTH. TONYPANDY CONTINGENT STARTING FROM TRINITY SQUARE. Photo by] [Harrison & Evans, Tonypandv




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