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The Secret of the Alps.


The Secret of the Alps. A NEW AND WONDERFUL MEDICINE FOR THROAT, CHEST, & LUNGS TO BREATHE. In Southern Europe, particularly on the forest-clad slopes of the Alps, coughs and colds Are the astonishing exception and not the rule. The Swiss, shepherd owes his robustness to always breathing in the rich, balsamic air from the pine trees. Life and health greatly depend on the air we breathe; and it is the impuro and germ-laden town air that makes bronchitis and consumption such deadly perils in our midst. < In this very thought of the origin of most chest troubles has lain the secret how to set about remedying them to achieve real lasting results. So called cough-mixtures are based on a mistaken idea they often only succeed in giving the appearance of relief in the chest by drugging the rest of the body, which is a dangerous, and in the end, profitless habit. After all, is it not absurd to expect to put right something wrong with the lungs by swallowing liquid drugs into the stomach—especially when the stomach possesses no direct passage to the chest? There is no such thing as swallowing a liquid or solid-be it food or medicine— into the lungs, which are what we breathe with, not eat with. At the same time, before science could do away with drugs—opium, morphia, laudanum, etc., which prey mercilessly on their unhappy victims-it had to discover some better remedy on safe and different lines. This away-with-drugs remedy has been found at last. In those little silver-jacketed Peps tablets we now have a new and unique medicine, free from harmful substances like opium, and one which is capable of yielding fumes that can be breathed straight down the throat and into the furthest corner of the lungs where disease-germs are apt to lurk. By the aid of the Peps tablets the bene- fits of the famed pine woods are virtually transported to our very homes, because each tablet is a, highly concentrated brown disc which, upon being dissolved in the mouth, releases those balsamic fumes which are breathed directly into the chest and lungs. It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of such a discovery, for the effect of Peps is two-fold: First, they completely allay the irritation and tickling .—i.e., the sub-acute inflammation of the delicate membrane which lines the air- pipes and lungs; and secondly, they kill or destroy the germs of disease lodging in tissues far out of reach of liquid medi- cine. That tickling phlegm is loosened and easily coughed up, the breathing tubes are ,cleared and healed, disease-germs are destroyed; bronchitis, however old or neglected, is quietly but surely got rid of; and the lungs and chest are afforded valuable protection against pleurisy, pneumonia, inflammation, and those other chest complaints that are the bane of our changeable weather. A few Peps tablets before going to sleep, and occasionally during th day, will end the most hacking cough, make one's breathing easy, and bring comfort to the chest. At the same time there is security in the freedom from dangerous and nerve-depressing drugs. » Peps bring A Pine Forest in Every Home when one cannot think of going off to the famous Alps directly that old winter coueli returns, or that half- forgotten chest weakness once again asserts its grim reality, Beware of cheap and useless imitations. See the registered name "Peps" on the package before buying.

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