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New Bethania Chapel, Tonypandy.




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IPorth Chamber of Trade.


I Porth Chamber of Trade. Councillor Thomas Griffiths, J.P., pre- sided over the monthly meeting of the above Chamber, held on Wednesday even- ing last at the Washington Hotel. Apropos of the unsatisfactory reply of the Rhondda Urban District Council t. the request of the Chamber for better lighting at Porth and district, it wae decided that the Secretary write tkt Council again, pointing out that the streets were very badly lighted up after business hours in the evening and on Sunday nights. The Secretary reported that Captain E. Thomas, of the Porth Fire Brigade, had met the sub-committee which had been appointed to deal with the questioa. of the water supply in Hannah Street in case of a eenous fire breaking out, and that the committee were satisfied that there was sufficient pressure. The fire appliances were, however, under con- sideration by the Urban Council at pre- sent. with regard to the Chamber's appeal to Mr. Beasley re the improvement of Llwyncelyn Bridge, the following letter was read: — Dear Sir,—With further reference to your letter of 19th March last, I regret that I have not been in a position to reply earlier owing to pressure of other important business and the necessity of looking up old documents to ascertain our exact position with regard to this bridge. I now find that it is an accommodation work which was originally constructed for the landowner (from whom, we have had no complaint) as a means of giving access to the agricultural land on the eastern side of the line, and the recent development of this land for building purposes does not put on the Company any obligation to maintain the bridge and the road otherwise than as an accommo- dation. I would suggest that you ap- proach the landowner and the District Council on the matter.—Yours faithfully, A. Beasley." Mr. Wm. Evans concurred with the suggestion of Mr. Beasley, and moved that the Secretary be instructed to write to the District Council, pointing out these facte. The motion was carried unani- mously. A letter was also read from the Fede- rated Chambers of Trade, notifying the Chamber that the autumnal meeting of the Federation would be held at Dowlais on Thursday, October 28th, and request- ing the Chamber to elect delegates. Inasmuch as the date of this meet- ing synchronised with that of their own annual meeting, it was decided, on the motion of Mr. Wm. Evans, that the Sec. retary write to Mr. Isaac Edwards (secre- tary of the Federated Chambers) regret- ting that the Porth Chamber would not be able to send representatives to the conference owing to both meetings occur- ring on the same date.

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