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- Drowned at Bideford.


Drowned at Bideford. Mardy Haulier's Fate. A925 Spent in Three Weeks. Enoch Davies, a young haulier em- ployed at the No. 2 Pit, Locket Merthyr Colliery, IVfc rdy arid living with his widowed mother at 3, Royal Cottages, Mardy, was found drowned in a pool in the River Dorridge, at Bideford, on Saturday morning last. At the inquest held on Saturday even- ing, Samuel Thomas, who gave evidence of identification, said he had been lodging with deceased at the King's Arms, but had noticed nothing wrong with him, or that he was eccentric. Dr. Pearson, of Bideford, who made a post-mortem examination, said there were no external marks of violence. The stomach was inflamed, probably caused by alcohol. Death was caused by drown- mg. P.O. Bastin told the jury of an inter- view deceased had with him about two hours before he was drowned. Davies complained that everybody was laughing at him. and asked what he could do. His condition appeared so bad that witness went down and cautioned Mrs. Hookway, where deceased was staying, to the effect that he was in a bad way and required to be looked after. Mrs. Hookway asked deceased to ko to bed, but he refused. To all appearance deceased ,seemed to be on the verge of delirium tremens. Maria. Hookway, landlady of the King's Arms, said deceased had been staying; at her house a fortnight. He was well behaved, and as far as she eoud see was only a moderate drinker. She had never seen him drunk. Thomas Kelly a youth, deposed to,see- ing a man in the water about 4.30. He did not struggle or make any attempt to swim. He came up three times and then disappeared. Witness called another man's attention to the fact. Wm. Williams, a mason's labourer, the man referred to, said they made every effort to recover the body, but were un- successful. P.O. Horn deposed to finding the body early on Saturday morning;, just a few yards from where the deceased entered the water. P.S. Newberry produced a Post Office Bank book belonging to deceased, which showed that on July 17th last he had £ 26 12s. 2d. on deposit. He took out £ 10 at Mardy on that date, and another tlO at Bath on July 20th, and a further £ 5 at Bideford on July 27th, so that about JE25 had gone in three weeks, and not a single coin was found on deceased. Summing un, the Deputy Coroner said he did not think from the evidence it could be said deceased intended to take his life. There was no doubt he had been drinking, and the post-mortem examina- tion showed that. The jury returned a verdict of Found drowned," and added a rider asking: the Bideford: authorities to nrovide better appliances for recovering: bodies from the river. The present ones, the Coroner, said, were a disgrace to any up-to-date town.

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