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Pontypridd Roller Skating…

Hippodrome, Tonypandy.

Theatre Royal, Tonypandy.



Tivoli, Pentre.

Palace Porth.

Opera House, Traherbart.

Clarence Theatre, Pontypridd.

Cardiff Empire.

Railway Brrangements for theI…


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PENTRE HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL. H T Protlieroe c and b Pearce 4 E Williams run out 0 F Steger b Williams 0 J Morgan b Pearce 0 D H Pugh c and b Williams 2 I James c and b Williams 2 G Davies st Hanney b Pearce 1 S Williams c and b Williams 0 R Bonnell b Williams 1 T Francis b Williams 0 B Hughes not out 1 Extras 5 Total 16 -+- YSTRAD-RHONDDA v. MAINDY C.C. This match, played at the Ynys Field, resulted in a win for Maindy. for whom A. Rosser took seven wickets for 5 runs. Scores: YSTRAD-RHONDDA. D Walters b A Rosser 1 D Chick b A Rosser 4 A Lear b A Rosser 3 D Jones b A Rosser 0 S Willis c JA Rosser b A Rosser 0 L Roberts run out 0 W Harding b A Rosser 3 T Collins run out 0 D Hughes not out 3 J Morgan b A Rosser 1 J Reed run out 3 Extras G Total 24 MAINDY. P Davies b D Jones 4 G Morgan b D Jones 6 B Morgan b D Jones 6 A Rosser b D Jones 13 R Rosser c Jones b Walters 0 D W Thomas c Morgan b Walters 1 T Jones b Walters 4 J Thomas b D Jones 11 D Williams c Collins b Walters 3 L Roderick b D Jones 4 D T Williams not out 3 Extras 4 Total 59 TREHERBERT ATHLETIC v. PORTH PUPIL TEACHERS, Treherbert won at Porth on Saturday by two wickets and two runs, after a very keen game with the Rhondda P.T.'s. Messrs. Tom Jones and W. J. Gruar bat- ted well for their respective sides, whilst R. Pitman took five wickets for 5 runs. Scores: PUPIL TEACHERS. R Pitman b A Williams 1 E D Jones b Webb 0 T Harry c Williams b Webb 3 T Jones e Williams b Webb lo J Edwards c and b Webb 1 T Lewis c Webb b A Williams 0 T M Davies b A Williams 3 L G Walters lbw b Webb 0 M Rees c Galloway b A Williams 1 B J Williams not out. 3 J Davies b A Williams 0 Extras 7 Total 34 TREHERBERT ATHLETIC. W J Gruar b Pitman 10 W Williams b Pitman 9 S W Bull st Harry b Pitman 0 D' Galloway b T Jones 1 E Davies b T Jones 0 A Williams b Pitman 4 L R Webb b T Jones 0 P R Raymond b Pitman 0 G Langmead not out 1 Exti-as 5 Total (for 8 wkts) 3G T. Reynolds and T. J. Rogers did not bat. I PORTH CENTRALS v. RHONDDA PUPIL TEACHERS (1st YEAR). Played at Porth last Friday. Scores- PORTH CENTRALS. E J James b Williams 9 D G Richards b Hanney 0 L James b Williams 3 W Morgan b Williams 6 R Totliill b Williams 3 J Bowen not out 1 T Vaughan b Williams 2 A Lewis b Hanney 2 John Bowen b Hanney 0 E Davies b Hanney 0 T Kemp b Hanney 0 Extras G Total 32 PUPIL TEACHERS. J Williams b L James 0 A Hanney 1St James b Vaughan 2 Watkins b Lewis 3 E Jenkins c Bowen b Lewis 3 T R Owen b Lewis 4 A Jones not out lo J Y a ughan b Lewis 3 Benjamin b Kemp. 8 W E Pearce not out 0 Extras 8 Total (for 7 wkts) 43 P. Lewis and D. Kemp did not bat.