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The Doctor's Diagnosis.

Ponth Police Court.


Ponth Police Court. Thursday.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Mr. T. P. Jenkins, Dr. E. N. Davies, Dr. T. W. Parry, Alderman W. H. Matbias, and Mr. Wm. Evans. GRAVE CHARGE AGAINST TYLORS- TOWN FATHER. Howell Parry Jones, Parry Street, Tylorstown, was brought up on remand charged with committing an indecent assault on his daughter Elizabeth, aged 14. The evidence of the child was that on Tuesday, July 13th, her mother left her alone in the house. Some time later her father came home from work, and after having a bath, assaulted her on a rocking- chair. Witness added that she had been previously assaulted on 26th June. Im- proper relations had taken place every week for the past twelve months. Wit- ness had complained to her mother on several occasions. Mrs. Jones, wife of the accused, said she was the mother of three children. Her daughter complained to her, and she informed the police. Dr. T. H. Morris, Tylorstown, said the girl was brought to his surgery. He examined her, and found that her con- dition was consistent with the evidence she had given. P.S. Bo wen gave evidence of arrest. When charged, prisoner said: To my knowledge, I know nothing at all about it." Prisoner was committed to the Assizes, bail being allowed, prisoner in his own recognizances of £ 100 and two sureties of £50 each. ENGINE-ROOM "CHAFF." William Forward, engine-driver at the Coedely Colliery, Tonyrefail., charged Thomas Locke, rope-splicer at the same colliery, with assault. Mr. T. W. Lewis, Pontypridd, appeared for complainant, and Mr. A. T. James (Messrs. Morgan, Bruce, Nicholas, and James) defended. The case was mentioned at the last Court, and it was then stated that the case had been amicably settled, but the Bench were of the opinion that it was of such a serious character that it should be brought into Court. Complainant said that about 8.30 a.m. on 9th June he was in charge of an electric haulage engine at the Coedely Colliery. He asked a question of the fitters, when defendant said, What do you know you are only a farmer." Witness retorted: "What are you?" Defendant replied I am a rope-splicer." Witness rejoined f And I can feel the splice going over the sheave." Defendant got annoyed at this retort, and he pushed him twice off the brake. Witness explained that he was holding a journey, and there was a possibility of the trams running back down the drift. Some days after he was accosted by defendant, who asked him to drop the charge. Mr. James, for the defence, submitted that the facts had been grossly exaggerated, and they would have the evidence of the manager to show that there was absolutely no danger to any- one in the mine, or he would have taken proceedings against Locke. Andrew Foyle, who was in charge of the journey on the day of the alleged assault, said that after one of the trams got off the road, the journey didn't move a foot. When the front tram got derailed lie unhitched the others, and they remained stationary. Griffith Jones, manager of the colliery, said there was no danger of the trams running back. He had considered the facts of the case, and he did not think the matter of sufficient importance to institute proceedings against either of the men. The defendant having given his evi- dence, the charge against him was dis- missed on payment of costs. PENYGRAIG NEIGHBOURS' AMENITIES. John Tallamy, Penygraig, summoned William Renna, Penygraig, for assault. Mr. D. W. James, Tonypandy, defended. Complainant said that on Saturday, the 10th inst., he went into-the Swan Hotel, Penygraig, to have a glass of beer, and as soon as he got into the passage, defen- dant knocked him behind the ear and in the eye. Mr. James, for defendant. said, that the two parties had been neighbours for fifteen years and good friends until two years ago, when a quarrel arose over the children. Mrs. Renna said complainant had insulted her, using very bad language at the time. Defendant ii-ai discharged on paying costs. BREACH OF CONTRACT AT TRE- HAFOD. The Lewis Merthyr Collieries, Ltd.. Trehafod, summoned Henry Keats and 29 others, and John Thomas and 29 others, for damages in respect of breach of contract. Mr. Kenshole, Aberdare, prosecuted, and Mr. A. T. James (Messrs. Morgan, Bruce, Nicholas, and James, Pontypridd") defended. Mr. Kenshole stated that on the 26th April an accident took place, resulting in the death of two brothers. On the Wednesday following, a deputation saw Mr. Hutchinson (the agent) about the arrangements for the funeral, which was to take place on the Friday. Mr. Hutchinson pointed out to them that, if the men attended the funeral on Friday, there would be two short days in one week, and asked if the funeral could not be arranged for SSLurday. The reply was in the negative. Mr. Hutchinson then told them that if they came out early, they would have to work the hours back on the following week. Later "on, the deputation, settled they would not 'work the hours back, and that they were going to work a half-day and stop at 12 noon on Friday. Mr. Hutchinson said that he couldn't agree with this. They after- wards stopped altogether for two days, which meant heavy losses to the com- pany. In the case of the Bertie Pit, in which Keats and party worked, the loss was £ 144 Us. lid., 489 men being idle; and in the case of the Trevor Pit, in which John Thomas and party worked, £ 144 15s., 469 men being idle. John Wm. Hutchinson, agent for the Lewis Merthyr Collieries, Trehafod, bore out Mr. Kenshole's statement. The men were ordered to pay kl1,0 damages in the case of the Bertie Pit, each man having to nay 5s. 9d.; and £ 140 in the case of the Trevor Pit, each man having to pay 5s. lid. CARD-PLAYING AT TONYREFAIL. For playing cardts at Tonyrefail on Sunday, 11th July, the following were fined:—James Williams, 10s.; David Jones, 5s. Cornelius Kendall. 10s. John Jones, 15s. and Edwin Selbry, 20s. I INEBRIATES. Frederick Brooks, Wattstown, 10s. Henry Simpson, Ynyshir, lot-S: William Osborne, Biaenclydach, 10s. John Morgan, Tylorstown, 15s. David Davies, Ynyshir, 15s.

Ogmore Vale.

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