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i The Princess at Mardy.

Duke of Argyll.


Duke of Argyll. The Duke of Argyll said that the Princess and himself had seen the lesser Rhondda alley under the most favour- able circumstances, and were most grate- ful for the reception accorded them. The Princess thoroughly appreciated the Welsh kindliness and heartiness with which they had been welcomed. From Mr. Jenkins' remarks he had noticed that there was such an increase in the population which could only be equalled .by Isome of the marvellous towns in Canada, America, and the Colonies. There was an idea preva- lent that whereveJ" there were Welshmen there was to he found a wealth of coal under his feet (laughter). The Princess took the keenest interest in ambulance work, which was a shield of defence, and accidents seemingly were, unfortunately, inevitable in an industrial district such as that. His Grace added that the Prin- cess and himself were sorry that they could not stay longer at each place to reciprocate the kind wishes of the people who had turned out to welcome them on the road. He could assure them that the Princess appreciated to the full the kindness they had shown her that day and the day before, and would always bear in grateful remembrance her visit to the Rhondda Valley (loud applause). General Sir Ivor Herbert moved a hearty vote of thanks to Her Royal High- ness for performing the gracious let of presenting prizes to the successful teams in the ambulance competition. He could assure Her Royal Highness that immense interest was taken in ambulance work in that district (hear, hear). Many of the limbulancei men had the privilege of being present in the hall, but there were many others less fortunate who were at that time doing duty outside. Referring to the competition, Sir Ivor remarked that he could say of Welshmen that they were good, but fair, fighters, and loved a contest, whatever form it took (applause). And those who were victorious would be given hearty congratulations by their comrades. He moved a hearty vote of thanks to Her Royal Highness. The Princess then left, while the i IV assemblage sang Heii_ Wind fy Nliadau," the band at the same time playing strains of music. Her Royal Highness left Mardy for Caerphilly amid a renewed outburst of loyal cheering.

The Ambulance Competition.

The Luncheon.1

Tonypandy Result.