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i The Princess at Mardy.


The Princess at Mardy. Presents the Warren Shield Enthusiastic Crowds. The Rhoiidda Fach presented a very animated appearance on Saturday in anticipation of the visit of Her Royal Highness to Mardv, where she was to present the Sir Charles Warren Shield to the successful ambulance team. Ynyshir, in particular, presented a very festive appearance, where the whole cost of the decorations was defrayed by Mr. W. Jas. Thomas, J.P., Brynawel. The streets were lined with Venetian masts, from which gaily coloured festoons and banners were suspended, while the humble cot- tages on either side of the road looked resplendent in their gallant display of flags, streamers and other forms of bunt- ing. Brynawel, the residence of Mr, W. J. Thomas, was particularly attractive, whilst a splendid triumphal arch erected near the entrance to the Standard Col- liery and bearing the words, Your pre- sence gladdens our hearts," was one of the best things in the way of decorations to be seen anywhere in the two Vallevs. The decorations in the other townships of the lesser Rhondda though not on such an elaborate scale as those at Ynyshir, were also very effective, and testified very clearly to the loyal devotion of the collier populace. When the Royal party reached Ynyshir in the afternoon, en route to Mardv, thousands of enthusiastic spectators gave her a real Celtic welcome. As soon as the Royal car came in sight, the Ynyshir Brass Band struck up the National Anthem, and a number of colliers, assembled in their working clothes save a stirring rendition of "Hl Wlad fy Nhadau." The Princess who was evi- dently much impressed by the appearance of the grimy collier-vocalists, bowed her acknowledgments. Mr. W. J. Thomas introduced his sister, Miss Thomas, to the Princess, to whom she handed a beau- tiful bouquet of variegated orchids and white heather, tastefully arranged in relief with asparagus fern. The Royal party afterwards motored to Mardy, and were accorded enthusiastic ovations all along the route. The arrival of the Princess and her company at Mardy was heralded by acclamations and a fanfare of music by the Ferndale Brass Band, under the con- ductorship of Mr. S. Radcliffe. Her Royal Highness immediately proceeded to the Workmen's Hall to award the prizes to the successful ambulance teams. Among those on the. platform were the host and hostess (Mr. Rhys Williams and Mrs. Gwilym Williams), Captain Probert (the equerry), Lady Victoria Russell, Sir and Lady Ivor Herbert, Inspector-General Belgrave Ninnis (chief commissioner of Ambulance Brigade), Mr. F. A. Gray (His Majesty's Chief Inspector of Mines), Mr. W. Ronnfeldt (chairman of directors of the Lockett's Merthyr Colliery), Mr. W. H. Wewton (managing director)' Captain Lionel Lindsay (Chief Constable), Colonel Brimble, C.M.G., Colonel Cureton Dr. Audland, Mr. W. Jesseman, Mr. W. D. Wight, Mr. Tom Davies, Mr. T. E. Richards, Mr. Arthur Southam, and Mr. Herbert Lewis. The proceedings were presided over by Mr. W. Jenkins, J.P. (Ystradfechan), president of the Sir Charles Warren Ambulance Shield Com- petition Committee, who was introduced to Her Royal Highness by Mr. Rhvs Williams. The Chairman expressed the deepest gratitude of the general community to Her Royal Highness for coming to the place, and he begged to extend to Her Royal Highness a hearty welcome to the Rhondda (applause). They were exceed- ingly thankful to Her Royal Highness for so graciously assisting and encouraging the Ambulance Brigade in their attempts to perfect their organisation and in their endeavour to make the workmen pro- ficient in the rendering of first-aid (ap- plause). Referring to the development of the district, Mr. Jenkins said that since his advent to the Rhondda, fifty years ago, the population had increased by over 100,000, and it was on behalf of that vast population that lie ventured to tender to the Princess their heartfelt thanks (loud applause). Miss Gwladys Richards, amid loud applause, presented to the 'Princess a bouquet of choice flowers-a beautiful ,specimen of the florist's art. The little lady performed the ceremony in a very courtly fashion. Miss Eva. Morris, an- other little girl, also performed her part well in handing a button-hole to the Duke of Argyll. Prior to the presentation of the Warren Executive Address of Welcome, Mr. Wm. Jenkins, J.P., informed the Princess that that the album and the address were designed and executed by an old collier- boy (Mr. D. J. Ryan, artist, Treorchy). Chief Superintendent Tom Davies then read the address, which was as follows — To Her Royal Highness Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll. Madam,—May it please your Royal Highness. We, the officers of the two Rhondda Corps and the Executive of the Sir Charles Warren Shield Competi- tion, humbly desire to express our sin- cere gratitude to your Royal Highness for the great honour which you have been pleased to confer upon the Rhondda Valleys, and more particu- larly upon the two Rhondda Corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade (No. VII. District), in paying us a. visit and graciously consenting to award to the successful candidates the General Sir Charles Warren Rhondda Ambulance Shield and other prizes at the fourth annual competition, held at Mardv on the 24th of July, 1909. The progress of the South Wales coal- field has been more noticeable than any other in the United Kingdom, and for above fifty years the coal required for His Majesty's Navy has been supplied from the Welsh coalfield, of which the Rhondda Valleys form no inconsider- able part. Though every care is taken in the observance of wise regulations with a view to minimising as far as possible the occurrence of those sad catastrophes which unfortunately ap- pear to be inseparable from the mining industry, accidents of a more or less serious character in a vocation as hazardous as that of coal-mining are always imminent, and the one great objective aimed at by us is that at all collieries there may he found a suffi- ciency of men expertly trained in the knowledge and practice of ambulance work, so that in these emergencies they may be able to render signal service to their fellow-men in the alleviation of suffering and the saving of life when- ever practicable. It has long been our cherished desire to be honoured by a visit from a mem- ber of your illustrious family, and it is with the keenest sense of^gratitude that we acknowledge the interest which your Royal Highness has shown by thus visiting us oil the present occasion in the humane work which is sought to be accomplished by our ambulance brigades, and the grateful remembrance of your Royal Highness' visit to Mardy will always remain with us as our most highly esteemed commendation, and be a source of the greatest encouragement and inspiration to further efforts. Your Royal Highness' visit will cer- tainly have a potent influence for good in the direction of popularising the study of first-aid in our midst, and be calculated to induce young men to join the brigade, and to endeavour to excel one another in making themselves pro- ficient. We also desire to extend to his Grace the Duke of Argyll our deep sense of satisfaction and gratification at his pre- sence amongst us, and we venture to extend to his Grace our heartfelt wel- come. In conclusion, we earnestly pray that your Royal Highness and his Grace may he vouchsafed by Divine providence the blessings of health and happiness and length of days. We have the honour to remain, madam, your Royal Highness' most faithful and obedient servants, WILLIAM JENKINS. President. W. D. WIGHT, Vice-Chairman. j T. E. RICHARDS, Chairman of Execu- R. C. DYKE, Treasurer. Itive TOM DAVIES, Secretary. July 24th, 1909. The President then presented the fol- lowing gentlemen to the Princess —Mr. W. D. Wight, Pentre (vice-president); Mr. T. E. Richards, Mardy (district super- intendent), and Mr. Tom Davies, Pentre (chief superintendent, Rhondda. Fawr Corps). Inspector-General Ninnis presented to Her Royal Highness Colonel Cureton, Colonel Trimble, C.M.G., Dr. Audland, Mr. Jesseman, Mr. Herbert- Lewis, Mr. Arthur Southam, Lady Superintendent Miss Hughes. Nursing Sisters Deakin and Matthews, of Shrewsbury. Mr. J. Owen Jones, chairman of the Mid-Rhondda Chamber of Trade, who had been specially invited to meet the Royal party at Mardy, was presented by Mr. Rhys Williams, and Her Royal Highness with a warm handshake remarked, I was delighted with the arrangements made at Mid-Rhondda and the Rhondda gene- rally." Mr. Jones, in seply, said: "I thank your Royal Highness for your kind appre- ciation, and will carry the same to my Chamber, who will be more than delighted." Colonel Brimblo then announced the four winning teams which were as fol- lows P'ts. 1st Prize and Challenge Shield: Mardy 228 2nd Prize Ferndale 216 3rd Prize: Maindy and Eastern 199 4th Prize: Abergorcliy 194 Sergeant J. T. Evans then, amidst thunderous applause, advanced to the platform to receive the shield on behalf of the Mardy team. the Princess saying: "I have very much pleasure in handing you the shield." The leaders of the other three teams received their awards amidst renewed applause.

Duke of Argyll.

The Ambulance Competition.

The Luncheon.1

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