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Mabon's Welcome.

Tribute to the Late Judge.I

The Rhondda Council Presentation.

Mid-Rhondda Chamber of Trade'sI…

The Duke of Argyll Replies.


The Duke of Argyll Replies. The Duke of Argyll, who was very warmly received, said he could not help thinking that was a .sorrowful as well as a joyful occasion, for that hall was the memorial of a man whom they knew and admired. In the present time, there were two calliiigs in life which were more beneficent than any other—a minister of religion and a judge—the one who tried to assuage the quarrels and strife which always arise between mankind, and the other who administers justice. It was difficult to gain greater fame in this existence than as a wise and upright judge. He felt quite unable, .with his poor Irish-Scots tongue, to compete with the exuberant Gaelic of Mabon. ("Hear, hear," and laughter). He was glad to be able to express the gratitude Princess Louise and himself felt at the magnificent reception that had been given them by the Rhondda people. Their gifts would always remind them of their very plea- sant visit. Their towns looked like their garden in tulip time, and to the feast of the eye—including the gallant Territorials under General Lloyd—had been added that of the ear. Their soldiers were more gallant than those in the time of Eliza- beth, and their music—well, it was Welsh (a""lau.se). They had had a splen- did reception, and it was certainly no task to come down amongst them. And did not Mabon—he was nearly calling him King Mabon—(applause)—find it more difficult to get away from London? It was more difficult to get the ancient Mabon out of Gloucester Castle than it was to get their own Mabon away from London (anolause and laughter). Accord- ing to tradition, to cet the ancient Mabon out of Gloucester Castle they had to summon first the assistance of a stag, then a. dog, and so on through the whole of the Zoological Gardens (more laugh- ter). It was a great pleasure to meet Mabon away from Westminster, and to find him so able a musical conductor of one of those famous magnificent Welsh choirs that it was always such a great pleasure to listen to (applause). The late Queen, the present King, and other rulers had always delighted in the joy of Welsh music, and he told them in Scotland they could not hold a candle to a Welsh choir (applause). Mabon, who referred to the time when lie used to sit in the Horse of Commons with the Duke when the latter was the Marquess of Lome, M.P., then called on Mr. Robert Jones to sing ".Hen Wlad fv hadal1." The proceedings finished with the sing- ing of God save the King." Lord Tredegar then gave his arm to Princess Louise, whom he accompanied to her motor-car, the Royal party leaving amidst the cheers of the assembled thou- sands of people.

--Princess Opens Aerial Railway.

--School Children's Welcome

The Heating Apparatus.

-.--Mr Rhys Williams Delighted.

The Princess at Tonyrefail.

Royal Concert at Miskin Manor.

--:+-Carnival and Sports at…

A New Discovery.


Historic Gathering at "The…