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Mabon's Welcome.


Mabon's Welcome. Mabon then spoke. Turning to their Royal Highnesses, lie said that lie wished to convey to Her Royal Highness and his Grace the Duke of Argyll, the thanks of the people of South Wales in general, and of the people of the Rhondda Valley in particular, for the honour conferred upon them that afternoon. He had been asked to tender to Her Royal Highness the grateful thanks of those whom he represented. Their thanks were in a sense redoubled when they recalled the fact that they claimed to have relation- ship, as a nation, nearer to the bosom of the Throne of Great Britain than any other nation (loud cheering). They had, therefore, a soft corner in their hearts for that gracious Throne, and believed that the same remark was applicable to the Throne as regarded the Welsh nation. They had been called" Gallant Little Wales," but lie would like to have his country re-christened as Wise Little Wales (applause). And that for a very good reason. Their great Prince and his noblemen had had the good sense to make a bargain with the great Throne of Eng- land before they were beaten and con- quered, and had thus won the merit of being known as an unconquered nation (applause). They had, however, secured something much more valuable than that. In the bargain referred to there was a great privilege retained to them as a little nation, because the King of England could not sit on his throne before he had first been trained to do his work as the Prince of Wales (applause). So they claimed to be nearer the Throne than any other nation. Hence, too, their un- swerving loyalty (prolonged and enthu- siastic cheering). Hence their unmitigated faithfulness (renewed cheering). They were really grateful to the Princess for the trouble and kindness and graciousness of Her it oval Highness in coming so far from home to honour that district with her presence—(loud clieers)-—to visit them for the purpose of opening that hall (renewed clieers). That building really looked somewhat too pretentious for the class for whom it was destined, but it was, nevertheless, a workmen's hall, and the fact that Her Royal Highness had come there to open that hall would never be forgotten (enthusiastic applause).

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