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Historic Gathering at "The…


Historic Gathering at "The Judge's Hall." Mid-Rhondda's Welcome. Long before the Royal party were due at Tonypandy, dense crowds thronged the streets in the vicinity of the New Hall. Inside the Hall itself also were a great many people, and by 3 o'clock there was scarcely an available seat left. The Hall was profusely decorated. Leading from the floor of the Hall to the platform was a small staircase in the centre, with hand- rails oil either side, decorated with a material of red. Immediately in front of the platform lay a brilliant array of palms and flowering plants, while 011 the platform itself the large number of chairs were set in a background of tall palms. A small occasional table was placed in tiie centre of the platform, surmounted by a vase of lovely carnations, and on the walls above were noticed the Welsh Dragon in the centre and the Union Jack 011 either side. On the furthermost gallery and over the stage were the coat of armts bearing the words, LInfnr orfu Bobpeth." DUKE OF ARGYLL. In the gallery, the Mid-Rlionada Orpheus Glee Society, under the con. ductorship of Mr. Emrys Richards, took up their position, and enlivened the mono tony of the long waiting by rendering a choice Iselection of glees and choruses. Loud applause signalled the entrance of Mr. W. Abraham (Mabon), M.P., who took charge of the gathering. Mabon appeared to be in his best eisteddfod form, and lie continually had the audi- ence in a state of convulsive laughter. He at once gave instructions about the singing of "God save the King." They had been told that they were not to be very Welsh about it (laughter). And they were only to sing one verse. He did not know that there were to be any limita- tions about that, but they would see how they went on. There was a law on the spirit of singing, so they must see that they did sing (laughter). Mr. Emrys Richards then got his choir going. but at the sound of cheering out- side the hall, and the entrance of Lord Tredegar, with Mr. Forestier-Walker and several others, Mabon signalled for them to .stop. Everyone inside thought the Royal party were here and began to cheer. When the cheering had subdued, Mabon started the National Anthem, afterwards announcing, amidst laughter, I am only giving you a bit of practice." Then turning to Lord Tredegar, with whom he shook hands, he remarked, It is only my old brother, Lord Tredegar, who is here, and not the Princess (laughter, and cheers for Lord\ The Party next sang" Italian Salad." The Royal party were now considerably overdue, and on hearing more cheers out- side. Mabon stopped his amusing taJl, to exclaim in Welsh, (i Behold, one greater than Mabon cometh 1 (Laughter and applause). But it oroved only another fal-e alarm, and Mabon tided over the disappoint- ment by leading and conducting the entire company in singing a Welsh chorus, which was followed by a glee, conducted by Mr. Emrys Richards. Mi". John Jones, Trealaw, who was in the gallery, then seized the opportunity to recite some verses lie had composed in honour of the occasion, and the line, No harm will come to her, nor her man," caused much laughter. Mabon's comment was that they might laugh at it, and the author might not be at the top of the tree, but there was a lot of worse stuff, and virtue lies in the struggle and not in the prize." Mabon then sang (( Cymrn. Gwlad y Gan." Upon itsi conclusion the Royal party entered—at 4.20 p.m., or over an hour after the time expected. The audi- ence rose en masse and sung God save the King," afterwards heartily cheering the Princess, who was accompanied by the Duke of Argyll and Lady Victoria Russell. Those present also included members of the house party from Miskin Manor, Lord Aberdare, Lord Tredegar, Mr. Iestyn Williams, General Sir Ivor Herbert, M.P., Mr. Leolin Forestier-Walker, Mr. Leonard Llewelyn (of the Cambrian Col- lieries). Mr. Thomas Thomas. J.P. (chair- man of the Rhondda District Council"). Mr. W. P. Nicholas (clerk), Alderman Richard Lewis. J.P. (Pontv^ridd), Mr. W. D. Wight (Ystrad), Mr. Thos. Jones (Treorehv), Mrs. Williams, Mr. T. Wil- liams (Llwynypia). Dr. N. Davies, Mrs. Captain Rankin, Mr. T. P. Jenkins. J.P., Mr. Rees Williams, Mr. D. W. Davie?,


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