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Rhondda Education Committee.


Rhondda Education Committee. Objectionable Regulations. Teachers to Meet Committee. Religion and Remuneration. The monthly meeting of the Rhondda Education Committee was held at the Council Chamber, Pentre, on Friday, Dr. W. E. Thomas presiding. The other members present were Mrs. Florence Nicholas, Councillors Ben Davies, R. S. Griffiths, Ed. Jones, William Thomas, Dr. A. G. Tribe, Tom Evans, Dd. Smith, Walter Williams, W. P. Thomas, Lewis Hopkins, D. R. Jones, Griffith Evans, W. H. Morgan, Dd. Williams, Dl. Evans, Thos. Thomas, W. D. Wight and Thos. George, together with the Clerk (Mr. W. P. Nicholas), the medical Officer of Health (Dr. J. D. Jenkins), and the Director (Mr. T. W. Berry). TREAT FOR MID-RHONDDA CHIL- DREN. The Clerk read a letter from Mr. Rhys Williams, Miskin Manor, stating that he desired to give a tea, to the children at the following schools on the occasion of H.R.H. Princess Louise's visit on the 23rd inst. -Pontrhondda, Llwynypia, Tonypandy, Blaenolydach, Owmclydach, Trealaw, Dinas, Penygraig, Graigddu, Williamstown, and Tonypandy R.C. On the motion of Councillor Tom Evans, it was resolved to accept the offer, and to thank Mr. Williams for his generosity. COMMITTEE'S REGULATIONS. CONFERENCE WITH TEACHERS. A letter was received from Mr. H. Howells, headmaster, Treorchy Schools, asking the Council to grant permission for a conference between the Council and the certificated teachers of the Valley to dis- cuss the regulations of the Committee. The Chairman said that leave should be granted, but that the teacher should be asked what points in the regulations they wished to discuss. Councillor Tom Evans said that what the teachers wanted was to give their reasons why the Committee should deal more leniently with them on the corporal punishment question. The Chairman It is only fair that the Clerk should have a copy of their objec- tions. Councillor R. S. Griffiths moved that the teachers be heard at the next Council meeting, on condition that they supplied the Clerk with the numbers of the parti- cular regulations they objected to, or wished to discuss. It was eventualln resolved that a round table conference be held with the teachers on Friday, the 16th inst. ROMAN CATHOLIC TEACHER'S SALARY. PENALISING AN INDIVIDUAL." The question of the salary paid to Mrs. Kate Tranter, head-teacher at the Tony- pandy Roman Catholic School, came up for discussion in a minute of the School Management Committee directing the Education Committee's attention to a resolution of the Roman Catholic School managers that Mrs. Tranter's salary be raised to the level of the salary paid by them to their own head-teachers of similar qualifications." Councillor Wight moved that Mrs. Tranter's salary, which stands at present at C70 per annum, be raised by £ 15 per annum until it reached LIOO. Councillor D. R. Jones, in seconding, said that it was only fair that this teacher should be given the same chance, as others. If she was their servant, and held the same certificate as others who were receiving £100 a year, and performing her work satisfactorily, she ought to be paid. If, on the other hand, the Committee were not satisfied with her work, she should be removed. Dr. Tribe: Have we any authority over that school? The Chairman No. Councillor R. S. Griffiths: We have two votes out of six on the Board of Managers. Continuing, Councillor Griffiths said that at one period when the teacher was in charge of 100 children—her assistant having gone to Ireland for her holidays, and died-the Committee offered them the loan of a teacher until the managers had filled up the vacancy, but they refused. That was the regard which the managers had for the welfare of these particular children, added Mr. Griffiths. In reply to Councillor Wight, Mr. Griffiths said that he instanced the above to show the amount of authority the Com mittee had over the school. Councillor Wight: The question of con- trol has been raised. I take it that we have control over the amount of salaries paid to these teachers. The Chairman: Yes. Councillor Wight: A recommendation has been made to us that the salary of this teacher should be increased, and it is also being stated that this teacher, as compared with other teachers even under our own authority, is working at a dis- advantage. I think that the side-issue as to whether this teacher is of a certain religion or not ought to be put away by us. We ought to do justice to the indi- vidual in the work she is employed, and it seems to me that by your figures placed before us to-day— £ 70 to this woman, whereas the lowest we pay to other teachers of similar qualifications is L100- we are not treating her with justice. It is for that reason I am asking that she should have an advance of £ 15 during the next two years. I am sorry that this Council should allow itself open to the charge of bias in regard to any individual in its employ. The Chairman: The Committee is not biassed. If these teachers must have equal salaries to our own teachers, the appointments must be open to every person in the kingdom. Immediately every candidate will have the same chance of obtaining an aDpointment in this school, I shall move that the teachers be put on the same ground as our own. Councillor Wight: What has this poor girl to do with the regulations under which she is employed ? She has no power in that matter, and it is a. very poor reason to bring up for penalising this poor individual. We are not dealing with a system, but an individual. She cannot help the system, and it is hard lines that we should punish her. The Chairman How are we punishing her? All our appointments are open to her if she wished to apply for them, but she prefers to remain here. Dr. Tribe: Is she open to a-^ointments in other schools ? The Chairman: Certainly; but she never applies. Councillor Tom Evans moved an amend- ment that before granting an increase, they should ascertain the exact qualifi- cations of Mrs. Tranter. Councillor Wight modified his motion that Mrs. Tranter's 'salary be increased by three increments of ZCIO per annum, instead of two of £ 15. "I do not believe in making, too big a jump," he added. On a division, 4 voted for Mr. Wight's motion and 14 against. The Chairman (to Mre. Nicholas, who voted for the motion): I'm sorry to see you in such bad company (laughter). Councillor D. R. Jones: We had the victory, Mrs. Nicholas, on our side. The Clerk: I suppose she voted as a woman (laughter).