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Cross Brothers, Ltd., The Cardiff Ironmongers. '-p Itrge display of GARDEN SEATS from 10s. 6d.; TENTS, 18s. 6d.; TABLES, 5s. GARDEN ROLLERS from 32s.; LAWN MOWERS from 29s, ——— f: Rustic Tables, Seats & Chairs a Speciality Wire Arches, Stands and Flower Baskets in Large Varieties always in Stock. Wire Netting Price List. Sin. by 2ft. wide, 3s. 8cl, Sin. by 3ft., wide 5s. Od. 3in. by 4ft. wide, 6s. 7d. 2in. by 2ft. wide, 4s. 8d. 2in. by 3ft. wide, 6s. 4d. 2in. by 4ft. wide, 8s. 5d. Above prices are for 50 yards rolls for net cash. Our Motto: LOW PRICES, PROMPT DELIVERY. -+- & 4, St. Mary Street Grosvenor Restaurant, Penarth (Two minutes' walk from Station). Mr. 0. G. J. WILLIAMS, Proprietor, Will be pleased to see all OLD FRIENDS AS WELL AS NEW ONES during the season. School parties, Picnics, etc., specially catered for. Good Beds, charges strictly moderate PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. 4836 ;f A years of terrible agony relieved by one ™ application, and cured with two boxes of E"LL- WEL,, This is the remarkable story of Mrs. C. Lewis, 43, Gilfach Road Tonyrefail. Nov. 25, 1908. *• It gives me the greatest pleasure to testify to the curative properties of E'll-Wel. ^or fuSy 4 years I suffered terribly with Eczema and great swellings in my feet. I could not wear stockings of any kind, but had to wrap linen around my feet, which I had to change three and four time3 a day, owin^ to discharges. I tried many ointments without success. I therefore gave E'll-Wel a trial, and am pleased to say that I had relief with the (ilst application, and two boxes effected a complete cure, that being eight months ago. There Is now no sign of It recurring again. Yours gratefully, E'll-Wel will cure your skin trouble whatever it may be-Boils, Burns, Pimples, J?iles, Ringworm, sores, Itch, Chilblains, etc. When applied to a bad place, its healing virtues go straight to the cause of the trouble, thereby effecting a complete cure quickly. Sold in Boxes Is. lid each-post free from our Agents- A. D, LLEWELLYN, Chemist, Tonyrefail; JOHN HERAPATH, P.O., Tonyrefail: and THOMAS & EVANS, Universal Provider. 4568 -.MEOW The AC*E' nel ACII SILVER UVER. -L)L A'i One article alone In H. Samuel's magnift cent stock-the 'WIT 's SILYER LEVER-has I L R had a sale of over j II. SAMUEL sells considerably more Dinner WATCHES, CLOCKS, RINGS, Cret, PLATE, CUTLERY, Etc., heavi!y Blectro-pltd. than any other ftrm of Its kind in The Famous ftrntsells RING, SILVER as good value as 6/6 LEVER. H. The world- fir SENSATIONALLY LOW PRICES I fJmedTatth LITLFCJJ MIL DR AN MR- S.JOHNSON, Matlock with the J KEAO CUff Matloclc. marvellous Inc7 TUIC "THE as/- WATCH » THlO. I BOUGHT 18 or 20 J YEARS AGO HAS GIVEN ■ ""wi have raaHc it 8f" EYERY SATISFACTION." H Keyless the most MONTH'S FREE UNCONDITIONAL TRIAL OF YOUR ■CME' perfect time- Ji rHrF' PURCHASE ALLOWED, AND YOUR RAIL FARE PAID UP ■ keeper ever Wm » »• «U» PURCHASES or ui- UPIMROS. »• jjSjBs^ggl CALL TO-DAY—UNIQUE DISPLAY! 1 Sa, ^p ri c FREE GIFT OF SILVER 7 ALBERT. H. SAiummUEL, .St. [4ary Call and see g CARDIFF ■ the "ACME"; fl TO-DAY. '■ PIANOFORTES The Sole Agency for Cardiff and district for The World's Greatest Makers. BECHSTEIN. BROADWOOD, BLUTHNER, SCHIEDMAYER, STECK. NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, PIANOLA-PIANOS, & .EOLIANS, IS HELD BY B. J. HEATH & SONS, Cardiff, Pontypridd, Penartb, and Port Talbot. Who also Stock Pianos by BRINSMEAD,COLLARD,KIRKMAN, STEINWAY,ERARD IBACH, Sec., from 15 Guineas Cash, or 10/6 monthly. ORGANS by MASON & EIAMLIN, BELL, DOMINION, &c., &c. Reduced Instalments, Special Discounts, Nat. Tel. Cardiff 2199. Pontyprida 21 BRISTOW, WADLEY, and CO., (The Cardiff Wall-paper Supply), "Wholesale and Retail Plate and Sheet Glass, Oil and Colour Merchants. Ask your Decorator for the Wyndham Pattern Book of Art Wall Papers. 5, 6, and 8, Mill Lane, CARDIFF. Ring up Nat. 'Phone 1517, 477'1 Fop HARNESS, COLLARS, M^ and SADDLES. Pony, from £ 3 10s. Cob, £ 4 10s. Heavy Van, £ 5 10s. Pipe J» Collar, -lined wool, from 10s. each Heavy Cart, with straps and Side pacls, 16s. 50 pairs of Lamps from 7s. 6d., with Patent ^Sillia^^S Socket;, from 14s. to clear. 100 pairs of Leggings. seam back, from 3s. M. Blocked, 6s. 6d. to clear. Tru ks, Portmanteau Kit, Brief Bags, 4 and Japanese Hampers. English Bends, Is. 4d. Best, Is. 6d., to clear. Brass Rivets, 8d. in 7-lb. bags. Grindery at Wholesale Prices. Sullivan's Rubbers and Revolving Heels kept in stock. 0" C* M T A M T** €2 next door to the £ > Ci 11 V V ll Ci O j POLICE STATION, DUNRAVEN STREET, TONYPANDY.

Thefts from T.V.R. Vans.


Struck by a Rope.



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Rhondda Education Committee.