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Rhondda Tramways.


Rhondda Tramways. We are indebted to Mr. Nisbett, the manager of the Rhondda Tramways Com-' pany, for the following information con- cerning Easter traffic. The number of passengers carried throughout the week exceeded 230,000. They carried on Easter Saturday 45,000; and on Easter Monday, 42,000 passengers. The receipts were largest on Monday, as a larger number of long tickets were issued. They ran 22,237 miles, with an average of 40 cars. This constitutes a record week, but they anticipate a con- siderable increase on the next holiday, as they will be in a position to run a better and a much improved service. The Company has just finished putting in machines of double the size at Treorchy sub-station. Building operations are also well in hand for the extension of the main power station at Porth. A very large new boiler, in addition to those now in use, and a further 600-horse power steam dynamo are being installed, which will enable them to cope with the heaviest traffic they are likely to have. The first of the top deck cars may be expected on the road in about fourteen days, which will greatly add to the convenience and comfort of passengers during wet and inclement weather.


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