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Pentre. The monthly meeting of the Higfter Grade Past Students' Association was held on Wednesday. The chairman, Mr. Llewellyn Jones, introduced Miss Watkins, of Treherbert, who read a paper on fProigt-ess and Advancement," in which the subject was treated in a compre- hensive and concise manner. Miss Watkins. indicating the numerous changes that have taken place during the last one hundred years, referred to the growth of morality, the spread of civilisation, the steady improvement in the condition of the lower classes, the advance of science, especially sanitary and medical science, the relieving of manual labour by the use of machinery, the removal of restrictions on journalism, the soread of knowledge and the development of education. and the great improvement in modes of travel- ling. The chairman, Mr. Jones, in intro- ducing the discussion upon the pappr gave several reasons for thinking that there has been verT little real advance- ment, as an example instancing the great cry for" Dreadnoughts and other death- dealing inventions. The next speaker, Mr. J. T. Short, also took the negative side—a very critical speech, along .which path Mr. Jack Jones (Tonypandy) also travelled, each of these two speakers giving numerous instances of retardation rather than acceleration in the conditions of the lower classes, Others who partici- pated in the general discussion were Miss Jull and Miss Beachey, both of whom supported the views of Miss Watkins in a very able and successful manner. A vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Abel Jones, and seconded by Mr. Short. At next month's meeting, Mr. J. T. Short. B.A., one of the two secretaries, will read a paoer upon Charles Dickens." A serious outbreak of fire was narrowly averted at Pentre in the early hours of Tuesday, when dense smoke was noticed issuing from the kitchen of a house occu- pied by Mr. Sam Williams at 69, Llewellyn Street. It was fortunate that the fire was discovered so soon that it was extin- guished with a little difficulty. The damage done was not very considerable. The cause remains a mystery, as there had been no fire in the kitchen grate that day.

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