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-----Eisteddfod at Blaenclydach.


Mid-Rhondda at Eastertide.


Tivoli, Pentre.


Tivoli, Pentre. A first-class typical holiday programme is provided this week, and the Tivoli was crowded out on several occasions at the commencement of the week. There are several very good turns, first and fore- most being the three marvellous Merrills, who are clever with bicycles and mono- cycles alike. This is a very smart and clever troupe of trick cyclists. Jennie Johns, from the London halls^ has a good reputation, which she is successful in maintaining. She possesses a clear and strong voice. Of her songs the most popular is the one with the chorus, I'm a Middy in the King's Navy." Deans and Wilton are eccentric acrobats, very clever at twisting and turning, and well deserve the applause given. Maston is a very successful mimic. Cade Burnet possesses a splendid baritone voice and is very successful. The Three Hodginis provide an original display on a revolving ladder. The last feat, in which the ladder appa- rently breaks while revolving, is startling and elicits rounds of applause. Tray and Rich are very amusing comedians and dancers. Flo Esdaile uses her flexible voice to great advantage. Another good item is the Scotch comedy act produced by Lindsay and Hart. To complete this excellent fare there is the Tivoliscope pictures, as good as you could wish to see.


Children's Concerts at Tonypandy.


Local Wedding.

Pentre Wedding.