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; j Porth Police 1 Court.


j Porth Police 1 Court. Thursday-Before Messrs T. P. Jenkins, Aid. W. H. Mathias, Wm. Evans, Enoch Davies, Dr. Ivor Davies, and Dr. E. N. Davies. COAL STEALING. Ma i garet Lloyd, Cymmer, was charged with stealing 301bs. of coal, value 3d., from a rubbish tip at the Cymmer Col- liery, Porth, P.S. Skyrm gave, evidence, and a fine of 2s. 6d. was imposed. OBSTRUCTING THE POLICE. George Street, Collier, Mardy, was charged with obstructing the police. P.C. Sudbury said that he was taking a pris- oner to the police station at Mardy when prisoner interfered and attempted to get him away. When the barman of the JMardy Hotel came to witness's assist- ance, prisoner kicked him under the jaw. Prisoner admitted being in the crowd, but denied obstructing the policeman. Prisoner was fined £ 1. A PATERNITY CASE. John Davies, collier, Treherbert, was summoned for t-54 12s. arrears under a bastardy order made in respect of the illegitimate child of Maggie Haddrell, single woman, also of Treherbert. Mr. A. T. James appeared for complainant, and Mr. T. Millward, Pentre, for defendant. Mr. James, who characterised the case as a very unusual one, said that the order had been in force for 12 years, and not a penny piece had been paid. In Decem- her, 1896, defendant went to America, and on returning at the beginning of this year, steps were taken to put the order into force. Defendant immediately applied to the High Court for a rule of certiorari to quash the order. The High Court laughed at the appeal, and the Judges refused to believe his story. He (Mr. James) asked the Bench to take a strong view of the case as the defendant had tried to get out of his liabilities in this manner, and he liad,nieaiis to pay. Mr. Millward said that defendant absolutely denied paternity, and refused to pay a penny-piece. That was the ground of the appeal, and the only con- sistent course defendant could take was to go to prison. Complainant said the order was obtain- ed in May, 1897, for the payment of 3s. 6d. a week. The arrears now claimed were £.34 12s., but as a matter of fact the arrears were much more. Defendant was sent to prison for three months. A BROKEN LAMP. Wm. Lewis, collier, employed at the Cymmer Colliery, Porth, was charged with doing wilful damage to a safety I lamp, to the extent of Is. 6d. Mr. W. Kenshole, Aberdare. prosecuted for the company. Evan Jones, day haulier, said that on 26th February defendant got into a fighting mooct underground. He caught hold of witness, but Avitness told him to behave and put him on the ground. De- fendant got up and SAvinging the lamp round, hit witness a blow behind the ear with such force that the top of the lamp was wrenched off the standard. Defendant now said that the lamp was broken by a fall or by a kick from a pony. He was ordered to pay the costs, 10s.

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