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-10- 0- Why Send Away or Buy Elsewhere? f Jhj—=—-gjSI When you can get such Sweeping Bargains of I a. kinstley, %i!tiiiiillr | J ThoidE1subiIhednd Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician, J v 32, Dunraven Street, TONYPANDY. Established 1874. A T Ladies' and Gents' Silver Watches, from 10 m 0 Ladies' and Gents' Gold Watches, from 41 5s, Od. X 4 Our Special Silver English Lever Watch £ 2 2s, Od, T 1 CLOCKS of every Description, from 2 & sL2/jlk The Best House for Wedding, Engagement and Keeper Rings. J M Largest Selection in the District, C |u | Gold and Silver Jewellery in Great Variety at Wonderfully w I wf Low Prices ELECTROPLATE AND JEWELLERY—A Large and Useful Selection most ^s«sKsBrf^ Suitable for Presents, at Sweeping- Reductions, <8 | SPECTACLES AND OPTICAL GOODS, a Grand Stock, A Our Fancy Goods Department well stocked with a very large selection of suitable and useful A y Presents, and invite your inspections. Prices the very Lowest. T Sold Here The Ingersoll Lever Watch, 5 The American Ansonia Lever 4The Fearless r I Workman's Lever 2/6 4711 GEO. COUZENS & SONS, DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES ClinD FITTFRC Nat. Tel. Telegrams: FREE. «nur-ri I I Cn3) 461. "Interceptor." BW Modern Shop Fronts, Airtight Enclosures, Incised Facias, etc., etc. Brass and other Fittings to suit all Trades. City Road Works, CARDIFF. IT WILL REPAY YOU TO CONtE TO PONTYPRIDD FOR YOUR NEW TEETH fMr.'M. SilNSBURY 93 Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD, THE ACTUAL MAKER AND FITTER OF New Teeth on the American Principle Which is the Best for Mastication and Appearance. Also at 96, St. Mary Street. Cardiff. 4242 A Warning to the Public. ESTABLISHED 1845 lEE SURE YOU IGET Thompson's BURDOCK PILLS AND REFUSE ALL SUBSTITUTES. BV* One of the oldest and best of Medicines, having been more than 60 years before the Public or purifying the foulest blood, and removing every disease of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. Cures Scurvy and Scrofula, Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, and all diseases arising from an impure state of the Blood. Gouty and Rheumatic personslwill find the greatest relie f by their use. Sold by all Chemists at Is. ld and 2s 9d, or by Post direct from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 27, St. Helen's Rd., Swansea For 15 or 34 Stamps. Thompson's Electric Life Drops for the cure of Nervous Debility. The Electric Life Drops aGt so quickly on a weak and shattered constitution that health is speedily restored. In Bottles at 5s 6d, 118, and 22s, in cases of £ 5 See the Name o the Sole Proprietors-M.: A. THOMPSON & SON on Label. Griffiths and Thomas SHOP FITTERS For FRONTS, ENCLOSURES, CASES and SIGNS Estimates Free Nat. Telephone, 01247. Tunnel, Queen Street, CARDIFF (Opposite St. John's Schools). 4357 Jg years of terrible agony relieved by one application, and cured with two boxes of "E'LL-WEL," This is the remarkable story of Mrs. C. Lewis, 43, Gilfach Road Tonyrefail, Nov. 25, 1908. H It gives me the greatest pleasure to testify to the curative properties of E'll-Wel. For fully 4 years I suffered terribly with Eczema and great swellings in my feet. I could not wear stockings of any kind, but had to wrap linen around my feet, which I had to change three and four times a day, owing to discharges. I tried many ointments without success. I therefore gave E'll-Wel a trial, and am pleased to say that I had relief with the first application, and two boxes effected a complete cure, that being eight months ago. There Is now no sign of It recurring again. Yours gratefully, ———— E'll-Wel will cure your skin trouble whatever.it may be-Boils, Burns, Pimples, Piles, Ringworm, sores, Itch, Chilblains, etc. When applied to a bad place, its healing virtues go straight to the cause of the trouble, thereby effecting a complete cure quickly. Sold in Boxes Is. Hd. each-post free from our Agents- A. D, LLEWELLYN, Chemist, Tonyrefail; JOHN HERAPATH, P.O., Tonyrefail: and THOMAS & EVANS, Universal Provider. 4568 ,Z. Come with us It will lead you io The Great Stock of |jfiFW WALLPAPERS, M J. THRASHER, Painter, Paperhanger and G | 89, Tylacelyn-rd., PENYGRAIG (Corner Shop). m iflHH |HH|w Agent for Hall's Washable Distemper. Varnish, Varnish Stain^ Mm mgmjf JpfjgL Oil and Colour, Brushes, and all Decorators' Requisites. Estimites Free. EMIGRATION AGENCY, Messrs. W. THOMAS & SONS at the TOWN HALL CHAMBERS PONTYPRIDD, are AGENTS FOR ALL THE PRINCIPAL STEAM SHIP LINES to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Lowest Fares Apply personally or by letter.

; j Porth Police 1 Court.

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Theatre Royal, Tonypandy.

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