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HAMPTON & CO., Heating Specialists Schemes Prepared and Advice Given for Warming Churches, Chapels, Offices, Showrooms and Public Buildings' OXFORD LANE (City Road), CARDIFF. TEL. P.O. 656. WANTED. WANTED by married couple, -without children, two unfurnished rooms, within reasonable distance of Pandy Square —Write Box 61, Rhondda Leader, Offices, Tonypandy. WANTED respectable young gentleman (abstainer) to share bed-sitting rooms (Primrose St.), with another, terms moderate —Write Box 57, "Leader Office," Tony- paudy. 92 WANTED to purchase five or six roomed cottage in Ystrad or district, in good repair essential. Write Box 52, 61 Rhondda Leader," Tonypandy. b95'2/91 FOR SALE. ARTIFICIAL Legs, Arms, Surgical Appli- ances.—Visit South Wales periodically, List free.—J. Gillingham and Son, Chard, Som. C23!;38 PAH.ROT.-Handsotlle YOlmg gray bird in PARROT. —Handsome young gray bird in splendid plumage. Very talkative. Good whistler. 14?. With cage 18s. 6d. Robbins, 44, Chaucer road, Acton, W. C22189 fTlHOM AS Street, Tonypandy. House for* I Sale. Most excellent position for business. Write Box 743, Leader Office, Tonypandy, T710R SALE, house in Park terrace, V Clydaolt Val. cheap. Apply-Box 12. "Rhondda Leader" Offices, Tonypandy. 4712 LADDERS, Ladders for builders, painters, farmers, window cleaners, &c.; exten- sion ladders always in stock; also painter's steps, tressles, &c. Special offer to painters. Send for full particulars and price list.—3, Darran Street, Cathays, Cardiff. 4726 BARGAIN-Lady's magnificent Cycle, highest grade B Coventry machine, new at Xmas. not soiled; Clincher tyres, plated rims, genuine Crabbe roller brakes back and front. Perry's ball free wheel highest finish and beautiful model all accessories no use to owner; sacrifice £4 10s., worth double; approval before cash sent.—K. Scuekey, Oak Villa, Clarendon road, Weston-super-Mare. B943,90 FISH, FISH. Fishmongers, Hawkers, &c., write to C, H. Cowburn, Fish Docks, Swansea. Lowest market prices. 4371 FUNERAL STOCK, Second-hand hearses = £ 30, 20 new patterns, landaus £40. hansoms f 20, brakes, easy terms, catalogues Marston's, Bradford Street, Birmingham.. B869\1 JOINERY Supplied to Castle or Cottage, qj Church or Chapel also Turnery of all kinds, round or square.-Apply to the Barry Dock Steam Joinery Company, Limited, Barry Dock. B934/93 MUSICAL PHIL JONES late pupil of Signor Moretty, R.A.M. (London), is open to receive engagements for Oratorios, Miscellaneous Concerts, etc. Moderate fee. Dr. Randegger says :—" He possesses a decidedly beautiful tenor voice most pleasing to listen to." Copies of testimonials on application. Address, Phil Jones, Tonyrefail. 400 RTR. JONES, A.Mus. L.C.M., has vacancies for Pupils in Pianoforte and Organ, Harmony, Counterpoint. Lessons given, if desired, on the Virgil Clavier Method, also lessons given in the Pianist's Harmony, Course, in which every Principle taught, both in Language and Notes, introducing Writing, Playing and Transposing at Sight of simple Harmonies, such as the Tonic and its attend- ant Harmonies, Cadences, &c. Pupils passed with Honours at Trinity College. For terms, etc., apply to 2, Hill Street, Penygraig. Mr. Jones has passed the Musical portion of Associate of Music, Trinity College of Music. 4461 TW O beautiful sacred Songs worth sing- ing—" Come unto Me, ye weary," by Frank G. Ward, and Love divine," by Fred G. Bennett. Post free 1/6 each. Rowlands" Music Stores, Castle Arcade, Cardiff. C16j97 EDUCA TiQNAL. PORTH Collegiate School, 15, Parade, JL Porth.-Tlie new Term commences April. 26tb, 1909. Private lessons in Classics, Mathematics, Languages, and Music. Apply Miss FLBTCHER, Ll. D. 4795 INVENTIONS. HUGO Lester, Patent Expert, Inventors' Supply Depot, 32, Queen Street, Cardiff, does all business in patents for inventors in South Wales. Call or write. C19/11 MISCELLANEOUS ADVICE FREE for Stamp.—Mrs. A Watson. Lady Specialist.—Safe and Certain Remedies.—Address 10, Guinea- street, Bristol. B9.il, 00 Swansea. THE W AVERLEY TEMPERANCE HOTEL & COFFEE TAVERN, bottom of High Street, and opposite Tram Car Terminus, l arge Bar, Dining and Commercial' Booms. Hot Dinners daily, 12-30 to 3. Beds, Billiards. 4661 TEACJUELINE HERBS for constipation, blood, liver, and kidney complaints, sciatica, piles, boils, sores, and eruptions. Blood is life, and diseases such as these can only be permanently cured by purifying the blood. Sufferers, give it a tria', and test its value. The greatest Spring medicine of the age for young or old. Sent post free, one packet for lOd or 3 for 21-TEAGUE, Station St, Newport, Mon. C17/97 4,1 EN I) stamp for advice to Mrs. Watson, Herbalist and Lady Specialist—Address 10, Guinea Street, Bristol. B928/92. RIMNELL S Pills and Powders have T cured thousands. Why not you? See that you get "Established 1879" on every label.—Trimnell, The Herbalist, 144, Rich- mond-road, Cardiff. Agents wanted. PPvOFTIX THOMAS, M H.P. (EI.), Magnetic Herbal Physician, 27. Park place, Merthyr Tvdfil, above Theatre Royal. Special Female Corrective Herb Pills, 2/- and 2/6 Thousands of testimonials. b951 O A PAGE Book about Herbs and how to 04t use them, post free; send for one. Trimnell. The Herbalist, 144, Riclimond-road, Cardiff. Established 1879. Please note the address. nnO Prevent Fraud see that you get I Established 1879 on every label and wrapper of Trimnell's Preparations, without which none are genuine.— Trimnell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. B942j95 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Motner who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S Reliable" NUILSKRY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthen the Hair. hi tins 4jd. and 9d, postage Id. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Re»diog Agents, Emrya Richards, Chemist, Coedy- mei-ion, Tonypandy; D. K. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy; W. R, Williams, Chemist. Medical HaIl, Tylorstown; J. P. Lewis, Chemist, Medical Hall. Yiyshir. Telegrams—"Mackerel, Swansea." Corporation Telephone-350 P. MOLYNEUX, Ltd., Steam Trawler Owners & Smack Managers, and Fish Merchants, 120, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. Special attention paid to customers for Headless Fish for Frying Write for Quotations 3170 LIGHT PORTABLE RAILWAYS, TIP JU WAGONS, SWITCHES, TURN- TABLES, AND CONTRACTORS' PLANT OF ALL DESCRIPTION. LARGEST STOCK IN WALES & WESTERN COUNTRIES FRANK MUNN, Dumballs Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 1190. Telegrams." Munn, Cardiff." 4702 D. MCNEIL, 46, Robert Street, CARDIFF, Gives Best Prices for all kinds of Old Metal, Rags, and Rabbit Skins. Sores-Thesiger Str<et, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 210Xi Telegrams-" Concerted, Cardiff." Established 1344, Government Contractors. I BRADSHAW & SON, ASPIIALTE PAVIXG JD CONTRACTORS, etc. Contractors to the Cardiff, Barry. Glamorgan, Monmouth Educa- tion Committees, and other Public bodies. Special Quotations and Extended Terms of maintenanc for Public Schoo s, Playground?, etc. Office and Works, Dumballs Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 21S5 SHOP SUN BLINDS. We are the only makers in South Wales who de ote ENTIRE attention to the ahove classs of blind, Prices on Application. J. MASON & Co., Crown Blind Works Wyeverne Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 04fi71. 4672 SUN BUNDS FOR £ £ ts Bsfore ordering, Shopkeepers should write for Samples and Prices to the Manufacturers. MORGAN & RICHARDSON, 43, Bute Street, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel 326. Telegrams Tarpaulins- Cardifl. 4 <8(3 China, Earthenware, and 6id. Bazaar Goods. Teas, 1/3 Breakfast, 2/ Plates, 4d. Dinner Plates. 1/; Fluted Teas, 1/3. All other Goods equally as cheap. Send for particulars of our sample R,4 crate. Shorthouse and Co.. China and Earthenware Manufacturers, Chan- cery Lane, Longton, SiaBbrdshir. or South Wales Warehouse, 39 and 41, Westgate Street, Cardiff (Opposite the Ger.eral Post Office). List free. c21/89 CANADIAN -pAêIFIC Weekly Service from Liverpool. FAST Luxurious accoE>modatioii in allclass- ■ ime es at moderate fares—only four days ■c open sea. Emigrants n.et at Liver- TO pool by Canadian Pacide Officials. For sailings, pamphlets and information as CANADA* to opportunites in Canada, apply to Canadian Pacific Railway, 18, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. MONEY. FIELDINGS, OLDEST-ESTABLISHED. LARGEST, AND BEST- KNOWN FINANCIERS IN WALES. £10 TO 420,000 To Lend on Approved Note of Hand, Reversions. Life Policies. Personal or other Securities. Trade Bills Discounted. Privacy and Proraptltute ASSURED. Dis- tance no object. Terms simply and plainly stated before completing business. Apply HAYES BUILDINGS, THE HAYES, CARDIFF. bS66!n MONEY RE-PAYMENTS EASY. 95 repayable 5s. per week, total charge, 7s. 6d tio n los. „ 15s E25 25s. „ 35s 6d £50 „ 50s. „ „ 689 Other Sums at similar Rates. Apply for prospectus to — he WESTERN FINANCE ASSOCIATION (LTD.), 17, Working Street, Cardiff. MARXE1 -SQTJARE CHAMBERS, CHURCH STREET, PONTYPRIDD Attendance at Pontypridd Mondays. 4.30 till 7p.m. Wednesdays, 11 till 2. Fridays, 4.30 till 7. 3913 MONEY. rpHE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from ..£10 to 95,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our Officials will attend at vour residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE AND THEN. Gall, or write (in confidence), to the MANAORR. MR. STANLEY DOWDING, 1, Qukkn SQUARR, BRISTOL. you CAN BORROW Direct from the Actual Lender- MR. PHILIP MORRIS, 80, TAFF-STREET, pONTYPRIDD, Manager of the South Wales Loan and Finance Co., ANY SUM FROM 25 TO £ 1,000 Upon your own Promissory Note and Re-pay to suit your circumstances. No sureties required. Lowest interest charged. Strict privacy obsen ed in all transactions. Call or write in Oonfidence to- PHILIP MORRIS, at the above address. Applications from all parts receive prompt attention. dl There is nothing more annoying than a temporary A shortage of money, and in any case, yon don't care about ^SSBSlk borrowing from personal friends or relations. There is ceriainly no need to do this when you can get whatever accommodation you TNSHHI require from us, in tne strictest con- WKSHEL ndence. Make an appointment and we will tell you what arrangement HnH) we can make to suit you. MM GEORGE FRY & GO. M 11, Dynevoi* Place, flv SWANSEA. I ID. M. WILLIAMS, I | Accountant and Public Auditor, BRYN GELLI HOUSE, AND LLOYDS BANK CHAMBERS, TONYPANDY. BANK CHAMBERS, TONYPANDY. Tradesmen's Accounts written up, Balanced, or Audited. Deeds of Arrangement, Mortgages and Transfers of Properties negotiated. Bankruptcy and Probate of Will Accounts Prepared. Insurance. House and Estate Agent. Rent Collected. j 231 I CHINA and EARTHENWARE For Shopkeepers and Hawkers. The Be.t and Cheapest Wouse in the Trade is W. Webb, Pottery Show Rooms, SPLOT. BRIDGE, CARDIFF. Beware of Imitators who copy our prices and pack you seconds unsaleable rubbish. 4673 1-0_ I Dyeing & ————.—————————————————— Cleaning. O If you want to economise, send < r your articles to us to be Dyed W and Cleaned. By our Special 3 Process, soiled and faded Dresses, |> m Blouses, Curtains, etc., are made I A bright and fresh, and take on a A new lease of life. Let us send j you i list showing the articles we ) f renovate, and the prices. i f J W E Vaughan&Co ( J The CARDIFF Dyers. < m Local Branch :— J 19, The Arcade, Pontypridd. 4762 J "0- Those who want to make their Gardening Profitable should buy their Garden & Flower Seeds I from I r. DAVIES, Chemist and Seedsman, The Bridge Pharmacy, Porth. 43 i ) LARGE SELECTION OF Wreaths, Flowers and Roots We keep only the Best Fruit, &a. W. ROSSER, Fruiterer (Late Hopwood & Co.), Pandy Square, TONYPANDY. (31andwp Hotel, YSTRAD-RHONDDA. P.O. Telepone: 18 Posting in all Its Branches at Moderate Charges. MOURNINu AND WEDDING COACHES, &C. P-oprietoi G. DAVIES. 4602 "o is dangerous! of course it is. I YOUR COUGH | VERY DANGEROUS to be always ,1 straining your bronchial tubes, and it is lowering the vitality of your system to a terrible extent, espec- < > ially just now you should get your cough cured, or it may cling to you and lead to consumption. Try r Davies' I Cough Linctus I .which is acknowledged to be a mos* (I ( wonderful remedy. One dose gives immediate relief, one bettle cures. Its price is within the reach all. 1/1 Jd post free. i' <; D. E. DAVIES, j Chemist, Treorchy. | Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning. Go and See the Newest, Cheapest and most Up-to-date designs at R. LI. SEELEY & OO.'S Brook House, FERNDALE, Who holds the Largest Stouk of VSM LL PAPERS In the Rhondda Valleys. Frcizea kept in Stock to Suit all Patterns. Note the Address— R. L. SEELEY & Co., Brook House, Ferndale H. MARKS, BOOT MERCHANT, 91, Cemetery Road, Tre al a w Supplies Boots and Shoes of every description at 1 s. Weekly or for Cash. Cheapest House in the I Trade. I Send P.C. and a Representative will I call at any address. 4682 | LLANHARAN THE SEVENTEETH ANNUAL EiSTEDDFOD Whit-Tuesday, June 1st, 1909. CHIEF ITEMS Male Voice, minimum 50, "The Destruction of Gaza." (L. D. Rille), £ 15 and Gold Medal to winner of First Prize. Second Prize Z5. Mixed Choirs, minimum 40 c. Yr Haf (G. Gwent) £ 10 and Gold Medal. Juvenile Choirs (own selection), £ 5. Action Song (own selection), £2. Solos, ZI Is. each. Handsome Prizes for Recitations. Programmes ljd. each, post free, from the Secretary, J. THOMAS, Argoed Edwin, Llanharan. 4713 NEW GRAND HALL, ABERAVON. THE THIRD ANNUAL CHAIR EISTEDDFOD In connection with the Port Talbot Wesley Church will be held at the above Hall On Whit-Saturday, May 29th, 1909. I MALE VOICE, "THE REVEILLE" (Elgar) £ 20 (not less than 60 voices) and a Costly Shield to be won 3 titues out of 5 befoie becoming- the absolute property of the winners. MIXED CHOIR, "AS THE HART PiNTS" (Mendels- sohn) (not less than 50 voices) £12, and a Massive Carved Oak Chair to the Conductor. JUVENILE CHOIR, "Hail Merry Playtime, Hail," 45 (not over 16 years cf age and not less than 30 voices) and Gold Medal to the Conductor. SOLOS, £1 Is. each. Reeitations & other Competitions. Adjudicators— Mr. J. T. REES, Mus. Bac., Aberystwyth. Mr. W. J. EVANS, Aberdare. For further particulars see Programmes (which wiil shortly be ready) price 2d. each. Secretaries- Fred. J. Peters, Vale Houae, Taibach, Port Talbot. J. H. Tapp, 3, Bridge Terrace, Port Talbot. TOWN HA LL, PONTYPRIDD. AN Eisteddfod & Competitive Concert Will be held at the above Hall on SATURDAY, MAY 8th, 1909, at 2 p.m. President-Alderman RICHARD LEWIS, J.P. Conductors: Rev. W. LRWIS, Penuel, Pontypridd. R. PRYS JONES, Esq. R. A. LEWIS, Esq., Lloyds Bank. ELLIS OWEN, Esq., Pontypridd. Adjudicators: Music-DAVID EVANS, Esq., Mus. Bac., Cardiff. J. T. J ON its, Esq., L. B.A.M., Treorchy. J. JKNRINS, Esq., Organist. Cilfynydd. Poetry & Recitation—Rev. J. DYKSALLT OWBN. I'ontypridd Literature—JOHN DAVIKS, Esq., Pontypridd. Prize Basts—Mrs. LL. DKLAMY, Pontypridd. Admis8ion-2/- & 1/- Children under 14 half-price Tickets admit to Prelim. Tests, Eisteddfod & Concert. Programmes may ba had of Mr. W. JONKS, Music Stores, 29, Arcade, Pontypridd. 4796 Sales by Auction SALES BY MR. T. NAUNTON MORGAN. Particulars of Properties TO BE SLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the Royal Hotel, Blaenclydach, on Tuesday Evening, April 20th, 1909, at 7-30 o'clock, by MR. T. NAUNTON MORGAN, Auctioneer, Tonypandy. LOT 1. No. 61, Thomas Street, Blaen- clydach, now in the occupation of Mr. A. Winnet, at a rental of 32/- per lunar month. LOT 2. No. 62, Thomas Street, Blaen- clydach, now in the occupation of Mr. J. H. Ivens, at a rental of 32/- per lunar month. Lots 1 and 2 are held under an Indenture of lease for a teim of 99 years from the 24th day of June, 1900, at an Annual Ground Rental ot 92 17s. 3d., which will be apportioned at time of Sale. LOT 3. No. 73, Jones Street, Blaenelydaeli, now let at a rental of 27/- per lunar month. LOT 4. No. 74, Jones Street, Blaenclydach, now let at a rental of 27/- per lunar month. Lots 3 and 4 are held under an Indenture of Lease for a term of 99 years from the 1st day May, 1892, at an Annual Ground Rental of El 12s. 4d., which will be apportioned at time of Sale. Solicitors Messrs. JONES-PUGHE and DAVEY, Tonypandy and Pontypridd. 4798 '1 The GREAT WELSH REMEDY RELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 MINUTES. H/IV!EQ9Q for Coughs lifif Ito O for Colds for Asthma for Bronchitis for Hoarseness for Influenza COUCH "'fTio'e Throat UvUUII Most Soothing Warms the Chest dissolves the Phlegm for Singers for Public Speakers IMS IYT 1ID £ By Chemists everywhere if! ill I UH!» & 2 9. Postage 3d- Proprietor— HUGH DAVIES Chemist, MACHYNLLETH Cf gi J). n'tSome Symptoms of m Eye-strain are r Headaches after reading. Tired or Aching Eyes, Inability to see distant or near objects with equal clearness. If you think you eyes are not quite right, let us test them thoroughly before the trouble becomes more difficult to remedy. W. P. CARYL, F.S.M C 1 testing Specialist, I 16, High Street, Arcade, CARDIFF. And 15, Union Street, Swansea. BRISTOW, WADLEY, and CO., (The Cardiff Wall-paper Supply), Wholesale andeetail. Plate and Sheet Glass, Oil and Colour Merchants. Ask your Decorator for the Wyndham Pattern Book of Art Wall Papers. 15, 6, and 8, Mill Lane, CARDIFF. Ring up Nat. 'Phone 1517. 4771. C) E Li C 10 US 5 U STA I N 1 G ip oco^ A ECONOMICAL" Public Notices. I THOMAS DAVIES, of 23, Railway Terrace, Ciydach Yale, hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any debt or debts incurred by my wife Saran Ann Davies, after this date. THOMAS DAVIES. April loth, 1909. B960 That Suit You Admired THIS EASTER was made by Go C. DEAN "THE TAILOR," 85a, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD (Next door to Boot's Cash Chemist). £ s. d. Our Noted Devreser" Tweed Suit (registered) from 1 17 6 to order 'Lierapnon" Serge Sun (regd ), stand Sea or Sun ,,220 Superior Cashmere Suit 2 5 0 FIT, STYLE AND QUALITY GUARANTEED. See Window for Latest London St yles. "Trech Giviad nag Arglwydd." EXCELSIOR BUILDINGS. DE WINTON STREET, TONYPANDY Telephone No. 77 .0. Tonypandy. SATURDAY. APKIL 17, 1909