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Treherbert Tags. I Treherbert play-goers are pleased to learn that Messrs. Poole have ordered an electric plant to be installed at the Opera House. We have been asked if it is anything like a cab- bage plant. What a green" question --+-- But they are a Noble lot, and bore the disappointment patiently; for they would doubtlessly have walked to Salis- bury if there was any chance of a game, in spite of the" PeaTce 'ing wind. I -+-- On election day, Mr. Rees Morgan Rees' photo could be seen tied to the neck of a dog which ran about the streets. Was this to indicate that Mr. Rees in- tended to set up a "dogged" fight? Private Christmas Cards; Order Early," is what we read last week in a certain shop in Bute Street. It reminds us that Christmas is coming." -+-- The re-election of Councillor D. R. Jones shows that electors are still favour- able to the old "tribe." Is it a fact that the champion whist player of Treherbert and his partner have lost every game for the last three months when playing two noting Suffragettes? If So. women deserve the vote. < Porth Pupil Teachers nlayed,a Soccer match against Pentre Higher Grade oil, Wednesday last week. The result was: -I Porth, 2 goals; but Pentre "one (won). The referee played ii-ell-foi- Pentre. He simply couldn't help it. --+-- Is it that the Porth Pupil Teachers' Soccer team are not snobbish enough, or that the other team fears defeat,' that the latter will not grant them a fixture? We understand that the better part of valour is discretion. It was noticed at Ynyswen last week that a tram driver stopped his car in order to supply other tramwaymen with a pinch of snuff. "Pinching" things may become a bad habit. We should like to just state that people who blame our journal for entering too much into private life, are just the kind of folk who would like to have the front of their houses taken off so that people could see what they are having for breakfast.

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