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Pentre Pellets. It has been suggested that the notices, posted at intervals, along our thorough- fares, to the effect that "Cars stop here: when required," be changed into "Cars j stop here at drivers' convenience." ] A recent "Leader" announced that a. Pentre Baker had secured "Gold and Silver Medals" for bread he had been "doughing." What will be the reward of the fearless adventurers who eat thereof, we wonder? Someone whispers 'Crown* of Glory.' We a.re informed that a local embroyQ- schoolmaster was obliged to purchase a catalogue in order that he might distin- guish the various exhibits at the menag- erie which recently paid us a visit. Good "Ev'ns" his knowledge of zoology has been sadly neglected. Relative to the recent invading of a dairy produce stores, we sincerely hope that the genial manager kept his "wool" on, notwithstanding the --flock" he had to contend with. -+-- Never did a crowd mere longingly watch for "the face at the window," or so eagerly listen to the "voice from on high," as did the assembled throng out- side the Council Ofiices on the night of the election. Before They came from North, South. East and and West, To hear those numbers read. After: Some shouted themselves hoarse with zest Whilst others longed for bed. -Shakeswood. What with shop blinds being drawn and straw hats venturing forth, our streets present quite an "August'' scene. Still "April" has not ended; she "May" yet steal a "March" upon us with her showers of blessing. This reminds us. The watering carts have been on the prowl lately. They are locally likened b a German band, a sure sign of rain. --+-- The recent acquisition of a "motor" furniture van by an enterprising trades- man, tends to "drive" home the fact that "money makes the mare go." I



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