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Popth Jottings. We congratulate Col. Thompson for having secured for Porth the attention of Royalty. This is certainly a most enviable achievement. Bravo, Colonel. -+-- Birchgrove people will learn with satis- faction that the Council have accepted tenders for the street improvements they have so long prayed for. 0 -+- Inasmuch as the majority of these people own their cottages, and have for so long a time extricated themselves safely out of this muddy" corner, we cannot help but express our sincere hopes that none of these people will get stuck in the mud financially through these improvements We have certainly got—in the Wel,,h Giant" and the Lilliputian —the long and short of the music hall artistes at the Palace this week. The red tie league are in evidence once more at Porth. Undergoing a process of resusitation, they now intend holding demon- strations at the Square. Holmes, the secretary of the Tra»way- men's Federation, was apparently quite at home" in the lion's home at Bostock's. —♦ The Porth Y.M.C.A. cricket team have now taken on a contract with a local poultry dealer. He has promised to purchase at a fair price, all their ducks at the end of the season. --+- He has already made a great bargain for his customers by selling them the fouls he bought of the Ynyshir Albions. Still there is more in reserve (Pot"i Reserves) should the Albions run short f them. Give me a fag. will you ?" asked a con- stable of a little urchin at a local football match on Saturday. --+-- Despite the fact that the request was made in a friendly and confidential tone, the lad proved very wide awake. --+-- I don't smoke, sir," he said, much to the officer's chagrin. This kiddie 31 proved him- self no April fool.

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