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A Nation's Anxiety.


A Nation's Anxiety. The Dutchman's Prayer. To be or not to be-that is the upper- most thought in the mind of every Hollander. Suspense, coupled with anxiety, is intense and everywhere visible. Everyone who passes by the old palace at Noordeinde at The Hague casts furtive glances at the windows—wonder- ing, hoping, almost praying. Mothers and wives in every corner of the country can talk of naught else, and if the concentration of wills and the prayers of hundreds of thousands can influence destinies, Holland's fondest hope will be realised. Prayers for the safe delivery of Queen Wilhelmina were read in all the churches on Sunday. Reporters are on the alert and editors on tie qui vive, while every individual coming from or going to the palace is looked upon as a possible bearer of news. The Queen's immediate entourage is as silent and uncommunicative as the tomb, though all wear hannv faces in anticipa- tion of an event which, if successful, will take a great place in Dutch history. The Ministers of all the Powers are awaiting with great interest to inform their Governments. Presents from every corner of Holland for the prospective heir are pouring into The Hague. The proudest in Holland are. the artillerymen, whose salute of 100 guns for a son or 51 for a daughter will give the news to the world. The guns are all in readiness for firing.

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