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School Attendance Officers…

A G -odwill Wrangle.

Mr. Tree and the Journalist.…


Mr. Tree and the Journalist. II Mr. Beerbohm Tree, the eminent actor. r was in a reminiscent vein at the annual dinner of the Press Club on Saturday last. A French journalist once told him, said Mr. Tree, that he had had a very hard time at the beginning of his career, being frequently challenged by dramatists and actors whom he criticised. One day he made up his mind to fight a duel. He did so, and left the field victorious. Ever after, he said, he was able to speak the truth. (Laughter). Mr. Tree. when he was in Paris at the time of the Boer War, with peace near at hand, was interviewed by a French journalist, who asked him to say some- thing about the political situation. He declined, but upon being pressed, gave as a "friendly lead," "Death opens the door for peace." The journalist replied, Thank you, my lord "-(Iatigbte-i-)- that is quite enough I can make a splendid article out of that." And "he did. (Laughter). Whilst taking a trip across the Atlantic he started a newspaper. In order to benefit a charity, a concert was held, and it was decided to publish a paper con- taining paragraphs relating to persons on board. They were allowed, however, to buy off the personal allusions, and he himself interviewed an American boss," who, with tears in his eyes, accepted the proposal that he should pay for the non- insertion of a paragraph. Everybody paid paid up, and the result was the publica- tion of a white sheet of blameless lives." (Laughter). When the boss "—a multi- millionaire—was called upon for his sub- scription, he handed up a sealed envelope containing a 2 cent piece. He was remon- strated with, and made the retort, My boy, that is all my reputation is worth." (Laughter).

Railway Arrangements for the…

A Nation's Anxiety.

Rhondda Tramway Employees.

Holmes and the Lion.

6,000 Miles "To See Auntie."