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A G -odwill Wrangle.


A G odwill Wrangle. LEASES LIKE 4d. LOAVES. At Porth County Court on Friday, be- fore Judge Bryn Roberts, William Hughes, collier, C'ymnier. brought a claim against Mrs. Mary Ann Williams, land- lady of the Farmers' Arms, Trebanog, for the return of £10 deposited for the in- going tenancy of the house on the grounds of misrepresentation as to the barrelage and terms of lease. Mr. J. Phillips, Pontypridd, was for the plaintiff, and Mr Evans (Messrs W. T. Davies and Evans, Porth) defended. Evidence w'as given that plaintiff had agreed to pay zE150 goodwill for the remaining five vears of the lease and tSO per annum. It was alleged that Mrs. Williams had repre- sented the barrelage to be 4i per week but this she denied, stating that she had placed it at a little over three. Plain- tiff, after consulting the brewery people, refused to complete the agreement, and wanted the goodwill reduced to £100. Mrs. Williams declined, and when asked for the return of the tIO, told defendant that he could whistle for it. The Judge decided in favour of defendant, and said he was not satisfied that there had been fraudulent misrepresentation. In such important transactions as these, the agreements ought to be reduced to writ- ing, which people, as a rule, did not do. and were to be blamed for not doing. With regard to leases, some people thought they were like fourpenny loaves, all of the same kind, and did not take the trouble to investigate. Judgement was entered for defendant with costs.

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