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Rhondda Tramway Employees.


Rhondda Tramway Employees. First Annual Dinner. 'Bill' Holmes Enters the Lion Den The first annual dinner of the Rhondda Tramway Company's employees was held at the Tynewydd Hotel, Porth, on Friday evening last. In the absence of Mr. Nesbitt, the general manager, the chair was occupied by Mr. Charles Davies, the president of the local branch or the Amalgamated Association of Tramway and Vehicle Workers, supported by Mr. Win. Holmes, the local secretary; Messrs. Isaacs and Attwell, president and secre- "BILL" HOLMES. Photo by] [L. Ladd, Tonypandy tary respectively of the Cardiff Branch of the Association; and Mr. Doolan, secretary of the Pontypridd Branch. After a splendid repast, to which ample justice was done, a programme of music, including comic songs, seiitiiiifztiitals," and eccentrics," contributed almost entirely by the men themselves, was gone through and much enjoyed. Mr. Attwell, in proposing the health and prosperity of the local branch, said that he desired to congratulate them on the fact that they—employees of a pri- vate company—were in receipt of better wages than their Cardiff confreres, who were iii^the employ of a so-called demo- cratic Cxmncil. A Rhondda driver, for a week of 60 hours, received 30s., which was 2s. 6d. more than a Cardiff driver obtained. He trusted that the happy relationship which now existed between the Rhondda men and their management would always continue. The conditions of employment and wages after the recent strike was as reasonable as could be expected, and he was glad to think that the Company, during the last half- year, had been able to declare a dividend of 5 per cent. He trusted that the men would now do their duty by the manage- ment, and he wished the Porth branch, which was already one of the strongest in the Kingdom, continued prosperity (applause). Mr. Doolan, Pontypridd, seconded the toast, and said that it was very gratify- ing to meet under such pleasant auspices, and he trusted that they would live to unite together on many a festive occasion ill the future (applause). The Chairman, 111 responding, said that they were deeply grateful to Messrs. Isaacs and Attwell for joining with them on such a pleasant occasion. The relation- ship between the men and the manage- ment, was now of a very cordial nature, and he trusted that this would continue for a long time to come. Later in the evening. Mr. Holmes, the local secretary, also addressed the men, and his remarks were punctuated with hearty applause.

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