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Rhondda Urban District Council Election. 1909. TO THE ELECTORS OF N. 6 WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At a mass meeting specially con- vened by the Mid-Rhondda Trades and Labour Council, I submitted myself, being the nominee of the Llwynvpia Workmen to the consideration of ALL THE TRADES UNIONISTS residing in the Ward, and was enthusiastically celected and adopted unanimously as THEIR Candidate for a seat on the above Council. I now, there- fore, humbly but confidently appeal for your support and interest in the present Election. I have for many years taken an active interest in LOCAL PUBLIC MATTERS, recognising that the powers delegated to an administrative body such as the District Council are of supreme importance to the masses and demand their most careful consideration. 1. I shall strenuously advocate the effective adoption of the Housing Act, so that the Working Class may be rid of the overcrowding which exists at present, to the loss of their own and their families' physical health, social freedom, and moral decency. 2. The full benefits of THE; UN- EMPLOYED ACT should be realised by the institution of a permanent WORKS DEPARTMENT. This Department EFFICIENTLY controlled, would carry out all improvements authorised by the Council, independently of contractors ensuring thereby less jerry-work, better financial results, and a fair day's wage for a fair day's work. 3. The Gas and Water Department will receive my most serious attention; the tremendous wastage reported demands an investigation, so that a. BETTER LIGHT AT A FAR LOWER RATE than the present may be obtained by the gas consumers of the district. 4. I believe that an efficient system should be introduced so that each Coun- cillor may be in a position to approve or disapprove without any difficulty the pur- posed and actual work and expenditure of each department IN ALL THEIR DETAILS. The movement for the con- solidation of the collecting of rates and the re-organisation of the several depart- ments, will receive my strongest support. 5. I consider that the FEEDING OF THE SCHOOL CHILDREN'S ACT should always remain in force, and its various clauses humanly interpreted, so that no child should suffer in his Education owing to the negligence of parent or tyranny of Capitalist. The higher stages, of Educa- tion should be more advantageously arranged, by means of an increase in the, number of Maintenance Scholarships, so that all children may have an equal oppor- tunity in the educational sphere. 6.. I am also in favour of land being acquired for purposes of public recreation. 7. A more equitable system is greatly needed in connection with the ASSESS- MENT OF PROPERTY in our_district. and will receive my faithful support. If elected, it will be my duty and privi- lege to demand, in the interests of the general community, the wise and full administration of our present-day laws, and that by the adoption of methods which will not involve increased official expenditure to the ratepayers. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, WTLLT A M .TOPTIV


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