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Rhondda District Council Election,…


Rhondda District Council Election, 1909. TO THE ELECTORS OF NO. 1 WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the last Council Election there were two candidates, beside myself, seek- ing election on the above-named Council, and you diu me the honour of recording 517 votes in my favour. Having attained such a satisfactory position in the polling, I feel encouraged to seek your suffrages this year, and I feel every confidence that this time you will return me at the head I of the poll. Remember, I appeal to you as a Labour representative, and if successful I will endeavour to faithfully serve YOUR interests, which naturally are MY interests. I cannot claim to have represented you on the Council in the past, and those of you who studied the Report of the Government Auditor, recently published, will readily understand that such past service is in no way a credit to those who professed to carry on our local adminis- tration in your interest; your hard- earned money has been wasted in a manner that can only be described as disgraceful, and it is evident that "new blood" is required—someone who will openly and fearlessly uo his best to check reckless and needless expenditure. This Ward is notoriously neglected- note the state of many of our so-called streets and compare them with the well- paved and well-lighted streets in the other Wards, and I promise you that, if elected. I will do all that one member CAN do to have this renroach removed, no that Tre- herbert shall no longer be a by-word in the Rhondda. At the end of Taff Street is what is known as "The Fair Ground," and for many months this was used t« tip the' district scavenging; but it was not until Mr.. WILLIAM JOHN. I I agitated in the matter that the Health Department began to disinfect this plague spot by covering it with lime—our local Councillors should have had this done, and not waited for. me (an outsider) to have this grave menace to the public health properly dealt with. My election rests with you. and I confi- dently place myself in your hands. Work- men! rally your forces and on the Elec- tion Day place your fellow-worker at the head of the Poll. I have the honour to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfullv, REES MORGAN kkFS. 14. Taff Street, Treheibert. 4761

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